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What is Holistic Health


What is Holistic Health?

Holistic health understands that the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic aspects of human beings is interconnected and that the being is a multidimensional living organism.  It understands the physical body is a mere mirror of the nonphysical body.  Our thoughts, beliefs, feelings, experiences, past energies are all a part of our non-physical or our energy.  Our energy gets sick before our body does.   Spelling it Wholistic (with a W) would take a lot of the confusion away.  Holistic makes one immediately think of Holy – picture of Dalai Lama comes to my mind and questions like, is this Spiritual or is this a religion?

So, my preferred choice of words is Whole Health and that’s how I am going to use it here. (on social media, there is no category of this, so you will see me listed under holistic health)

Whole Health refers to the health of the Whole person: body, mind and spirit. Ayurvedic Medicine is the big umbrella of all-Natural medicine and is considered the mother of Holistic Medicine, integrating body, mind and soul.  Ayurvedic Medicine sees the individual to be more than just the body, therefore it treats each illness at every level of the person as our body, mind and spirit are connected.  You can read more on Ayurvedic Medicine on my Home Page

I use multi-tiered approach in my work with you as we are multi-dimensional beings.  Whether you focus on nutrition or trauma healing, you will soon come to know that these are the lenses where Ayurveda can view the whole person and the health and wellbeing of the whole being is considered.  Disease is disconnection with oneself and as the connection is restored, health is restored.

To gain our whole health, we must participate in creating it.  Participation is not forced, rather, the individual is motivated to do so when they have the education, knowledge and experience of positive results.  A seasoned practitioner will know the unique nature of each individual and how to work with them for the best results.   The list below is what I use in my practice as needed.

  1. Ayurvedic Diet and Nutrition
  2. Breath Work
  3. Daily Self-Care practices
  4. Education
  5. Energy Healing
  6. Herbal Support
  7. Meditations
  8. Spiritual Counseling
  9. Yoga Therapy – scroll down to read more.

Here is an example of what Whole Health Care looks like.

If I am addicted to say, sweet taste, then the fragmented approach would be to not buy sweet treats, force yourself not to eat it, eat healthy so you don’t have sugar cravings etc. These measures can work but temporarily until we find ourselves eating the whole carton of ice-cream.  Sweet taste is filling a gap somewhere and creating guilt and shame at the same time, reinforcing the belief that I am bad so now I need sweeter to feel better.  This perpetual cycle can go on and on until we decide to get help.

Where is the gap?  The belief that I am bad.  Where did this belief come from?  Perhaps, from our caretakers or other authority figures in our life, from culture, societal norms.  Why is it that my soul decided to be born into the family, the times and the communities? Because I brought with me energies of worthlessness and my environment and the people in it helped play out these energies so I could experience feeling worthless again in order to heal it.  But we seldom know to heal it, instead we get deeply wounded and we live our lives from this place of woundedness.

So, the work is to heal the past energies and past trauma, healing the inner child, connect with our deeper Self, change the belief and that will naturally help me make better choices.  Do you see how the physical craving of sweet taste is linked to the past energies, beliefs and traumas?

Once we understand the deeper need the sweet taste is fulfilling, we find healthier ways to meet that need instead of consuming more sweet taste.

Holistic Health is an inward journey; we get to know ourselves deeply and in the process not only we gain our health back, but we restore our connection to our wholeness, our essence and our truth.

My forte’ is getting to root cause of all illness of the body and mind.  If you would like to work with me, take a look at my Individual Programs