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5 Questions to ask on this Mystical Expansive New Moon


The outer world is filled with either glamour and glitter or doom and gloom – a mixed bag of things.  That has always been and will always be the case as we live in a polarized world – contrasts are everywhere.  What do you pay attention to, and what do you ignore? What’s for you and what’s not?  


As Yogis and alike on the path, we tend to look for a space somewhere in the middle. This quest lights up the direction of our life rather than filling it with distractions. There is a lot to navigate in the middle and the following questions may facilitate the process.


1. What do I truly want?

2. Why do I want it?

3. What do I feel?

4. Have I felt this before?

5. Is there a common thread in all of my experiences?


Why do we resist this direction?  Perhaps


– fear of knowing yourself; your own power and the responsibility that comes with it.

– fear of feeling and reliving the pain. (If we remember the built-in self-defense mechanism, we can trust that we will only go as far as we can handle and that we are in charge of our own pace).

– not knowing what to do with what we find.


What do we all want?


Freedom, fulfillment, happiness and ease.  We are after an emotional experience; pivoting from a place of emptiness, distortion and overwhelm, we look in the wrong direction and the experiences continue to escape us, leaving us forever searching and never arriving. 


The heart wants what it wants – no matter how many traumas and dramas we live through.  What does that tell you?  Your dreams and soul’s desire remains pure and innocent and are meant to be fulfilled.  The question is – do you dare? 


That’s the point of healing; to separate what to hold on to and what to let go of, what’s yours and what’s not, connecting the dots of your life feeling whole and not fragmented, understanding the depths of you, touching the very core of your existence, breathing with ease, rejoicing, being in awe of this Universe, climbing the mountains if you choose, singing at the top of your voice, allowing your soul to run wild and free as it is designed to be, seeing the Divine within yourself and then you may know the point of your life. 


It’s the emptiness that compels us to chase temporary distractions to no avail. What’s inside is what fills us up; pivoting from a place of fullness we can’t help but overflow to others, subtly guiding them to a life internally driven.  All those who have walked before us continue to guide us even today because they found the answers within. 


That’s the life I have come to live and that’s what I teach you to do if you want the same.  I yet have to meet a person whose life did not get better because of the healing work, whether it is their health, relationships, career or their service to others.


In the end, we are here to serve one another.  If no one else existed in the world, what we did would be of no significance and it would vanish.  Life is because we are here together in this time, and we must serve one another.  


On this very expansive and mystical day of the New Moon, it’s a good idea to contemplate and move in the direction that serves you and others around you.  I am here to guide and support you on your path in a number of ways. 


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I am glad to be a part of your tribe and that our paths have crossed.


Happy New Moon!