Panchkarma (PK) is designed to purify the body of toxins and thus reverse the development of disease and aging. Panchkarma (PK) is one of the cornerstones of Ayurvedic Medicine and consists of detoxification, rejuvenation and rebalancing therapies.

What is Panchkarma (PK)?

Here is the most layman’s explanation of the ancient and somewhat mystical Ayurvedic Therapies called Panchkarma (PK):

  1. The herbs infused warm oil poured as a stream over the body followed by a rhythmic, repeated and systematic massage strokes  allow the mind to transcend and be in a meditative space
  2. In this space, what needs to be healed shows up organically and the therapist is very attuned to what’s showing up and adjusts the attention accordingly.
  3. The physical and energetic healing take place here simultaneously and organically.  Many clients who received these therapies healed from past traumas for the very first time; no less than a miracle for them.
  4. Healing and recovery takes physical and emotional stamina.  Healing is not forced, it is allowed.
  5. The therapist gets attuned to the client via pulse taking and is highly sensitive to client’s energy which helps the therapist to ensure the timing and the extent of the healing is just right for the client.
  6. Difference between a massage and PK  (abhiyanga):  the level of consciousness of the therapist, (they are required to have a meditation practice)

Benefits of PK

PK can be done for as few as 1 day or as many as 30 consecutive days, lasting 2-3 hrs.

It is most effective if done regularly – ideally, at the beginning of each season, to eliminate impurities gathered over the previous season. The therapies are combined according to the individual needs based on the pulse diagnosis and imbalances. The length of the treatment is mutually agreed upon by the practitioner and the client.

Reported benefits from PK include:

  • Healing from past traumas,
  • Relief from allergies,
  • Relief from arthritis,
  • Back pain minimized
  • Ending insomnia and improved sleep
  • Eliminating acne,
  • Relief form anxiety,
  • Relief from depression,
  • Improved digestion

Panchkarma - the most effective and ultimate healing modality in Ayurvedic Medicine.