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Meena explains in detail how challenges like guilt, shame and emotional hunger combined with people’s disconnection from natural food sources creates the perfect storm for this dysfunctional relationship. Add to that a society that promotes overconsumption, addiction and lack of personal responsibility, all resulting in more illness and disease. The stress and pressures of uncertain times, cause people to overindulge in food for comfort.

Her book was inspired by the daily struggles of many Americans who seek answers in fad diets, miracle foods and quick fixes. Their pursuit of the ultimate solution often times results in the opposite affect of weight gain, poor digestion and mental health challenges. She explains why people could become anxious, worried and frustrated, and then eventually give up … all because they are not solving the right problem.

Healing Your Relationship with Food goes deep into emotional eating and all the psychological conditioning around food and a way to heal this conditioning by going to the root of the problem and understanding the bigger picture.  This is where she introduces the reader to The Ayurveda Answer– a methodology that has been practiced for thousands of years in India and is now spreading rapidly around the world.


Wake Up and Heal: 6 Steps to Emotional Freedom

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High Praise

Her book not only addresses the challenges of unhealthy eating but also helps the reader to:

  • Realign with the positive aspects of eating.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of true nature of food.
  • Simplify food choices to optimize their health.
  • Bring joy back into meal planning and preparation.
  • Utilize food as medicine with simple recipes

She shares how people can learn to trust their own body’s wisdom to make food an ally in creating long-lasting health, regardless of their background or beliefs. Healing Your Relationship with Food – The Ayurveda Answer invites the reader to take a more holistic look at their eating. Meena explains how the elements of nature and the different body types influence the relationship with food. Then goes on to explain how to use the time of day and seasons of the year to make effective lifestyle adjustments.

Meena’s exuberance and passionate vision for a healthier nation is clearly expressed through her commitment and the wisdom she shares in this book.

“She cuts through all the confusion, the allure of fad diets and all of the conditioning that we have had since childhood around eating. She restores the most fundamental truth of life — food is to be enjoyed. And she shows how this can be done in a way that is simple and healthy.”

Dr. Paul Dugliss
Academic Dean and Director of New World Ayurveda


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