Introducing the 6A Technique for healing - A short video Course 

When so much of our world is gripped in fear, getting a bigger perspective, a deeper understanding and especially a technique to transmute it can be highly useful.

The 6A Technique is a powerful method for transmuting energies, given to us by the Heavens, to assist us in healing all our stored-up pain and resistances in life. This technique has been the basis for transmuting energies for over ten years now.  It is a simple yet very powerful technique that literally moves mountains of energy when practiced regularly and can heal us from past pain and traumas forever.  It is the foundational process that we use to transform limiting energies, assisting them to be expanded into the full Spectrum of Love.

This full Spectrum of Love includes not only the Love, joy, and happiness in life, but also the pain, fear and anger that we created during our Journey into the Darkness.  This perception of Love sees all of life as being a part of Love.  With our willingness to fully accept life just as it is, it is transformed and expanded into a full Spectrum of Love.  This allows us to have the wisdom and understanding of what we have gained from the pain and suffering, and enables us to live as full Spectrum Beings of pure Love, Loving and honoring all life without exception.



This fulfills our Purpose in Life, so that we can be clear and open channels for the Heavens to flow their Love through us, anchoring Heaven on Earth so that all life on this Planet may live in a Love-based Realm. It is a gradual process of shifting from a fear-based to a Love-based Realm, and you are a Key player in anchoring these energies for life to expand in Love…by beginning with yourself! This simple technique will allow you to experience this shift within yourself, so that you may live as a Fifth Dimensional expression of Humanity and as a being of pure Love.

 You are the Key to seting yourself free!!!

I hope you enjoy this video and I welcome your questions and feedback.

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