Inner Compass Club Membership

This is a membership program for amazing people just like you who are ready to wake up, take action and heal your life.  Inside the membership, we dive deep into the 6 Step process to heal all past trauma so you can move confidentally and joyfully forward in your bright new future.  Here is a quick list of what you will get inside this membership

  1. 24/7 access to all the content inside your own private online portal
  2. Video teachings, tools and techniques, specific action steps, guided meditations and a workbook
  3. Private FB community so you can connect with others going through the process - huge witness value here
  4. FB lives to answer your questions
  5. New and updated content when needed
  6. My on-going support and guidance
  7. Bonuses:  Free download of my 21 guided meditations and my book, "Wake Up and Heal:  6 Steps to Emotional Freedom"

"I have been with you,my wild one, throughout every challenge to your free spirit, encouraging you to rise, believing in you.  When you were shamed, denied, judged and ridiculed, I was there with you.  I went through it all, right along with you.  I knew the time would come when you will be ready to rise above those experiences, to let your wild heart be free.  Now is that time!"

Ride with Spirit Unbroken 

What the members are saying

I watched the awareness video today and already honestly feel calmer. I didn't get to the meditation, but will be doing that tonight. I have been dealing with a very anxious scattered mind and the awareness step is already helping only hours later. Thank you Meena.


What you share and how you share is spot on.  Just waht I needed right now.  You have made things so much clearer and I feel lighter just knowing that I have your support and your rich teachings.  Thank you.

I am amazed at how deeply I am becoming aware.  When I know about myself, it loses its power over me.  It's like magic seriously, I feel less burdened and I get solutions to what I was stuck at.

Today was the cord cutting meditation and I really liked it. I tend to have a hard time visualizing as my brain takes over but this one went pretty well. During the meditation, the cords were just falling off instead of me having to cut them.

One of the meditation, surrendering and letting go, I had an aha moment and I experienced the letting go during the meditation. It was quite profound and made me feel so much relief when I realized that.