Inner Compass Club

This is a membership program for amazing people just like you who are ready to awaken, take action and heal their life from the inside out so they can live from the inside out.

More than a membership, it's your personal movement, an affirmation and a deep commitment to live an authentic life that is aligned with your soul's calling, your true nature as I belive this is the only way to serve the world.

We are at a crossroads today; with the pull and control of the conditioning and programming and our visions and aspirations.  We need a  road map to navigate these times and the navigation system is within each one of us, our own inner compass.

Everything inside this membership will guide you to find your own inner compass and empower you to claim your God given innate powers.  Your own power to heal, your own power to make your decisions, your own power to make an impact on the world.

We are beginning with the powerful 6 step process to heal our wounds and traumas - these steps are what I talk about in my second book, "Wake Up and Heal: 6 Steps to Emotional Freedom"

New content will be continuously added and available to all the members; self care, nutrition, mental health, spirituality, quantum and our super powers.

This work for me is personal and my pivot is always to empower you to become the possible human you can be, for this is the path to your joy and freedom.

I want you to join me in this movement of "Healing from the inside out, Living from the inside out"

Here is a brief list of what you will get inside the membership

  1. 24/7 access to all the content inside your own private online portal
  2. Video teachings, tools and techniques, specific action steps, guided meditations and a workbook
  3. Private FB community so you can connect with others going through the process - huge witness value here
  4. FB lives to answer your questions
  5. New and updated content when needed
  6. My on-going support and guidance
  7. Bonuses:  Free download of my 21 guided meditations and my book, "Wake Up and Heal:  6 Steps to Emotional Freedom"


US$1 trial offer for 14 days, then

US$25 monthly or US$250 for a year (savings of US$50) - this offer is good for 24 hrs. of clicking the link.  

After 24 hours, the cost is

US$30 monthly or US$300 for a year (savings of US$60)


Jo Bolding

I really enjoyed listening to the 21 Day Meditations and found the whole experience extremely helpful.  I experienced some significant shifts. I am really grateful to have found you! Thank you.


I love how well the teachings are organized inside the membership.  Everything I need is right there, it feels like being in front of you and learning.  The meditations are something else, truly profound.

Harsha N.

The 6A process is my go-to to feel better anytime.  Whatever shows up, I know I can clear it up with this process and technique.  And the videos available right when I need them makes it that much more easier.

Andrea Hughes

I love this 6A process, something I have never seen anywhere.  The process is so deep yet so simple at the same time.  I love it.  I feel I have moved mountains of heavy energies from my past with this process.

Rosita Heath

I love the small to the point video teachings.  I can focus on one thing and feel good about it.  I have gone through the first 3 steps and I feel I have grown so much just from that and feel so much better about what happened in my past.  I feel lighter and I smile more oftern.  Thank you Meena

Angie Keller-Brown

I am on day 16 of meditation and 6 of yoga I think. Enjoying both very much.
Today was the cord cutting meditation and I really liked it. I tend to have a hard time visualizing during meditations because my brain tends to take over and over think everything but I felt like this one went pretty well. As I was going through the meditation I noticed after cutting the first few cords, people were coming onto the path and the cords just falling off instead of me having to cut them. I feel like this sounds weird if you haven’t listened to the meditation but that’s what happened for me.


I am fortunate to have Meena Puri in my world. Her teachings are practical and easy to follow. The change is instant and permanent because her masterful meditations make one align body and mind through heart. That in turn unifies the perception of self, surroundings and beyond. I would recommend her to anyone, even if they do not have an issue. My daughter, born and raised in USA, attended one of Meena’s yoga sessions along with me and she told me- “I like your yoga teacher”!. – Padmini

Denise Rackham

I have been on my healing journey for a long time. I have been working on all aspects of my life bringing in all sorts of healing modalities to help my body restore it self to perfect balance. But there was just something in my sacral Chakra I could not heal it was buried too deep. And my Throat Chakra was restricted as well. My throat would not allow my singing voice to come out. I knew I needed to turn to an Ayurvedic Master to complete my healing. I found my Master Meena was able to shed light and tune into the root of my problems and taught me how to go within and heal my trauma. All healing comes from within and it was so helpful to have met such a beautiful soul that listens and creates a safe space for me to open up so she could tune right into the the areas of my life to truly heal. My singing voice is back and the rest of me has made a huge shift that now I can bring what I have learned and share with others who are on their healing journey. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Meena you are a light unto this world and I appreciate all you have done for me.

"I have been with you,my wild one, throughout every challenge to your free spirit, encouraging you to rise, believing in you.  When you were shamed, denied, judged and ridiculed, I was there with you.  I went through it all, right along with you.  I knew the time would come when you will be ready to rise above those experiences, to let your wild heart be free.  Now is that time!"

Ride with Spirit Unbroken 

What the members are saying

I watched the awareness video today and already honestly feel calmer. I didn't get to the meditation, but will be doing that tonight. I have been dealing with a very anxious scattered mind and the awareness step is already helping only hours later. Thank you Meena.


What you share and how you share is spot on.  Just waht I needed right now.  You have made things so much clearer and I feel lighter just knowing that I have your support and your rich teachings.  Thank you.

I am amazed at how deeply I am becoming aware.  When I know about myself, it loses its power over me.  It's like magic seriously, I feel less burdened and I get solutions to what I was stuck at.

Today was the cord cutting meditation and I really liked it. I tend to have a hard time visualizing as my brain takes over but this one went pretty well. During the meditation, the cords were just falling off instead of me having to cut them.

One of the meditation, surrendering and letting go, I had an aha moment and I experienced the letting go during the meditation. It was quite profound and made me feel so much relief when I realized that.