The Ask of Our Times!

We have been given the gift of a pause, a bend in the road, to examine, to ponder, to seek, to look deep within, to get stirred, to change, to heal. This gift came at the cost of lost lives, great suffering, and despair and we are still paying. We can’t afford to waste it. It’s enough! We’ve suffered enough!

We don’t need to butt our heads against the restrictions, there is a better use of our time. We are supposed to go where there are no restrictions. Our inner world, our creativity, our ability to dream and re-design our lives have no restrictions. We are supposed to go there during this time and remove the countless invisible masks we have been wearing for centuries.

We are at a crossroad, being caught between the temptation of the ego or the call of our soul. We are presented with a choice. We must understand the enormity of the choice and what’s at stake.

These times are asking that we Wake Up and Heal.

Healing Your Relationship With Food:  The Ayurveda Answer

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"Meena Puri takes you on a deep inner journey so you can heal yourself.

She guides you to your inner spiritual warrior so you can heal from all past trauma, neutralizing the inner darkness in your own heart, reminding you of your own healing abilities. She guides you in finding the true liberation by connecting with the Source of your Being.

Mastering the Human condition through a process of deep exploration and self-discovery, she lays out a spiritual path that honors all of who we are. The ultimate freedom she speaks about comes from radical acceptance of what is and by being a conscious co-creator of the New Earth.  In this way, we can all become the way showers through our own examples of self-healing and liberation.

We are the ones we have been waiting for!" Kornelia Stephanie of KS Media Group App

"Wake Up and Heal is a wonderful integration of the intersection between consciousness and healing. In this book Meena Puri weaves awakening and healing and shows how they are intimately connected. While the subtitle may lead you to thinking this book is about emotions, it is really about the essence of how we heal on all levels. It is an invaluable aid to anyone, whether one is interested in healing or in fulfilling one’s potential for health, happiness and a better quality life. The book is presented in an authentic, honest and personal way that inspires you to look at how healing can transform your life. It is highly practical, giving and concrete set of steps to aid the healing and awakening process. This book will be a blessing to those who embrace it." - Dr. Paul Dugliss, Academic Dean and Director of New World Ayurveda



Mary Schimmel

Wonderful accomodation and food.  Felt very comfortable and taken care of.  The sound healing experience was healing and rejuvenating. The host were very loving.

Retreat is a way to detach from your day to day life. By going to another location and be together with others creates space and time to be open to receive new information, to learn and experience new concepts, new ways to grow and heal.  Being in a group setting is perfect to learn from other’s experiences and the collective energy is invigorating.  A chance to reset and recalibrate.  Also enjoyed the down time alone and time to participate in the outdoor hikes.

There were so many aha moments and revelations during the retreat.  Meena’s teachings are deep and I benefit greatly from her insight.  Thank you Meena

Kadhim Taki

The facility is very well designed and conducive for such retreats.  Beautiful view all around and very comfortable. Food was healthy, creative and full of Spirit (energy)

Meena’s work is so important and more people need to learn the teachings.  I was able to use my previous practices and experiences to combine in the retreat teachings and connect more from my heart to the world around me.

The retreat reinforced my belief in opening our heart to the abundance of blessings that every person is gifted with.

Tejinder Gill

The retreat was a beautiful experience.  Being in a space that allows silence from the outer world and then allows me to experience the silence in my inner world. The importance of actually creating time and space for doing the inner work can’t be overemphasized.  Being away from the day to day of my life and being in the environment of retreat and in nature and being with others on the same path and same intention to heal, and having a teacher like Meena Puri who is passionate about supporting others to heal and evolve – all of this contributed to my learning and healing during the 3 days.


The retreat center is beautiful and peaceful.  The meals are out of this world. I am grateful for this experience and for taking the time to be here.  Thank you Meena.  This experience made me committed to attend future retreats and to continue to do my inner work, self love and heal.

Karol Lahaie

Hi Meena,  I thought of you lately.  It’s been years since I have been in your Yoga classes and my practice has continued.  I have had quite a few teachers and classes since then and whenever a teacher’s voice does not click with me, I replace it with your voice.  It’s a gift you gave me.  Thanks.


The Soul Journeys were so deep, it brought up everything I had tucked away for so long and it had impacted my entire life.  I finally see and am waking up.  It’s so difficult but your soothing and loving voice is reassuring and softening me.  Thank you.


This is from my daughter in law and wanted to share them with you.  “I love these Ayurvedic Healing Center Meditations so much.  Thank you for buying me the 21 days of healing.  I still listen to it a lot”

Cindy Komet

I’ve just completed reading Meena Puri’s latest book.  There is so much wisdom to absorb from the book; at the moment, I am letting it sink in slowly.  There is so much to grasp.   Meena’s truth has shaken up my energy and given me the push to continue and move forward on my journey of understanding my purpose in life.

I read on Kindle and I use their highlighting tool.  There is so much to read and re-read and I am highlighting so many passages.  I’ve included some of my favorite gems at the end of this review.  I could write stories and anecdotes about how each one has shown up in my life, but instead I’ve chosen just one in order to share a personal moment that I experienced with my mother.  Meena wrote:

“The inner work is about healing our past traumas and wounds, expanding the love, so we can radiate it ‘out there'”.

My mother and I always had a strained (but loving) relationship.  She was a Holocaust survivor with many hidden secrets. She tried to spare me the atrocities she had experienced but the secrets allowed a wall between us.  The wall both shielded me and caused me to feel resentful.  One thing my mother would do that irked me was that she used to say, “Am I right?” all the time and it infuriated me, because, of course, she was right most of the time,  which I mistakenly took to mean, that I was wrong.  And this reinforced the wall between us.

When I was older and a mother of 3, she came to visit me in Israel. I decided that this time I would not let her get under my skin.  I would revel in her being right.  I had realized that the role models she had had in her teens were Nazis who NEVER said anything positive to her.  And that was the reason she wanted/needed to be appreciated – needed to be right.  Therefore, I decided to take on the role of giving her positive reinforcement


I planned a wonderful day of touring in Israel.  I said, “Let’s go here.”  And she would counter, “Why not go there.”  And instead of bickering, I said, “What a fantastic idea!”  She was taken aback.  Immediately she said, “No, let’s go on your plan.”  I said, “Yours is better.”  and I said it without malice, without feeling like she was one-upping me.  I could see her hesitation and I watched her protective, phony-confidence deflate AND her  authentic confidence develop.  This went on all day long and after each stop, I commented on what a great idea she had had and what a wonderful day we all were having.  She was glowing by the end of the day.  “The inner work is about healing our past traumas and wounds, expanding the love, so we can radiate it ‘out there'”  These traumas remain until they are given the attention they need.  Thank you Meena for sharing your truth in your book.


As promised, here are some more of the wisdoms you will find in this important book:

“Healing doesn’t ask whether you have been in pain for 25 minutes or 25 years. It is always available in the NOW moment. Consider two rocks that have been submerged underwater in a stream bed; one has been submerged for 10,000 years and the other for ten days. If you place both rocks in the sun, they will take the same amount of time to dry off.

The truth is nothing outside of us needs to change for us to be who we are designed to be, to heal, to become whole, to follow our heart, and to fulfill our purpose.

In that bigger context, you will see that whatever is happening to you is happening for you.

It’s our ego that thinks I have to accomplish something massive in order to be noticed. At the heart level, we are not concerned with being noticed; rather, we notice and truly see others. At this level, kindness and love are not measured. No heart action is big or small; it carries the same high energy that our world needs.”


Elena Vladi

I highly recommend Meena’s Individual Program. I joined in the hopes to address my anxiety and depression. Western therapy didn’t connect with me yet Meena’s approach was just the right thing. She is calm, knowledgable and wise. Meena gently guides to deeper and calmer understanding of mental health issues and life in general. I feel great and have the necessary tools to taken on further life challenges.

Phil Reed

I am 67 years old and having been dealing with chronic low back pain for the last 10 years.  I worked with pain clinic and physical therapy for 2 years. It was beneficial but I was not getting the results I had hoped for.  Before working with Meena Puri, on a average week, my pain level was 6 or higher on a scale of 1-10.  Rarely my pain went down to below 5.   I was very discouraged and felt depressed.

I had seen a documentary on healing and I knew that there is a connection between mind and body.   I explainged this to the pain clinic and the pyschologist but to no avail.

In working with Meena Puri, I have had the best improvement in all the years I have been struggling with back pain.  My pain level is now mostly around 3.  I have learned how to breathe, calm my mind and most importantly how to breathe into my body as I move it.  Before I would do all the exercises in a mechanical way, just like to task that I had to get done; now I feel my body, my breath and it feels so much more better and enjoyable.

I am a spiritual person and believe that all is ONE.  I am continuing my work with Meena to go deep into the Spirituality and heal myself even more.


I highly recommend Meena’s audio course on Changing One Belief, Healing One Relationship!  Like all her work, it’s deep, insightful, and thought provoking. She explains how beliefs are formed, and then teaches tools and techniques to transcend self limiting thoughts and beliefs that often keep us stuck in old patterns. I highly recommend this course to anyone who has a self limiting belief or looking for a primer to get introduced to Meena’s work. You won’t be disappointed!!