At Home Ayurvedic Cleanse

Rooted in Ayurvedic Science and wisdom, this ebook contains everything you need to know to do a 2 wk Home Detox and Cleanse. This process is designed to help the body burn fat gently and be a better fat burner beyond the cleanse.

The book contains the background, detailed guidedlines on foods and menu, recipes, frequently asked Q & A and is a culmination of my direct working with clients on the Cleanse.

There is no starvation, no blood sugar crashes, cravings or immediate binging afterwards that is likely in some fad cleanses. This cleanse is time tested and is unique as it repairs the body’s detox and digestive channels before starting the detox. Cleansing without this preparation can move toxins from one fat cell to another, which defeats the purpose of cleansing and often results in digestive weakness and lymphatic congestion.

Top 5 Reported Benefits of Ayurvedic Cleanse

  1. Reset your digestion/elimination, which results in strong metabolism and relief from respiratory problems such as congestion, allergies and sinuses.
  2. Overcome cravings, and shed some extra pounds from winter and boost fat metabolism.
  3. Relief from aches and pains, migraine headaches, hot flashes
  4. More energy and stronger immune system
  5. Release old mental patterns, emotions and behaviors and bad eating habits.

"The art of healing comes from nature, not from the physician.  Therefore the physician must start from nature, with an open mind." Phillipus Aureolus Paracelsus

This cleanse is for 14 days and has 3 phases

However, you can do it for 3 days to begin with.

I highly recommend that you get personal guidance and support especially if you have specific health concerns and/or you want to get the most out of your cleanse and springboard into your healthier future.  The detox package includes 3 one-hour appointments with me for each phase of the cleanse.

The Phases

Phase 1

(Pre-Cleanse- 4Days) The focus here will be to prepare the body to detox by taking an allergen-free whole foods diet, eating 3 meals per day and taking the specified herbs. This will help balance blood sugar, De-stagnate the lymphatic system, clean the liver, thin the bile, repair the GI track,  and prepare the body for a deep detox in Phase 2

Phase 2

(Cleanse – 7 days) This is the cleanse week, where you will eat a simplified diet to heal the digestion, with an increasing amounts of ghee(clarified butter) to oleate internally and finish with a laxative therapy. (This can be reduced to 5 days if needed)  This phase will flush the GI track, flush the liver and the stored toxic fat.

Phase 3

(Post Cleanse – 3 days) This phase is to help you gradually return back to the normal diet and to reset the digestion to boost your digestive fire

You will continue to take some of the herbs after the cleanse for a few weeks.  In addition, you will follow a seasonal whole foods diet which you will naturally crave after the cleanse. Ayurveda’s approach to health and longevity is holistic i.e. It looks at the whole person.  This cleanse is for every aspect of your health. Therefore, a daily short practice of Yoga, meditation, and self inquiry is highly recommended.  Along with accumulated toxins, this is a great time to release old emotions, bad eating habits and behaviors that are stored in the fat cells.

No Need to take time off work.  With a little preparation, the 2 weeks should go smoothly.  It is always fun and helpful to have a family member or a friend join you.


A few things I learned about myself through The 5 Day Cleanse:

  1.  I do not drink enough water. I found myself reaching for food when all my body was really asking for was water.
  2.  I do not eat enough vegetables. While on the cleanse I was eating more veggies and my body thanked me! I felt steady energy through out the day and more  clarity.
  3.  I really liked using the oil before showering, my skin felt great and never broke out with acne because of the oil. I will continue to make that a part of my everyday!
  4. The 15 minute bath was a real treat for me!
  5.  I really am too busy on a daily basis and enjoyed slowing down, making time to meditate everyday. I like spending more time focusing on spirituality I hope to make “Me Time” a priority from now on.
  6. My body feels so much better having done the cleanse! No more bloating, no more constipation. My energy level is up, I feel taller! More focused!
  7. I did miss eating Greek yogurt and peanut butter and a nice bold red wine! I look forward to adding those back into my diet but now I plan to do so sparingly.

Finally, I really didn’t miss eating meat!

Thank you for this great experience!



First off, I consider myself a 75%er on the cleanse. By that I mean that I did not follow the program 100%. I started 2 days late on the pre-cleanse week, I did not always eat my main meal at mid-day, and I didn’t eat the khichardi mix everyday – instead replacing it sometimes with lentil soup or just sautéd veggies. I was good about drinking spiced tea each day and did the loofa scrub/oil treatment at least 50% of the days. I did cheat on one day by eating a vegetarian chili that I had made for my family, although I ate very little of it. That day it was just too much for me to maintain the making-2-dinners routine, so I ate what I made for the family.  I followed the tablet/ghee/caster oil instructions by the book.

What have I experienced by my first foray into  the cleanse:

  • I lost 7 pounds overall, although I knew a few would come back on right away once I got food and fluids back into my system, so at this point I am 4.5 pounds lighter than before the cleanse.
  • I feel lighter on my feet and am amazed at how just 4 pounds less can have that effect.
  • Having often been discouraged by what I perceived as a lack of discipline on my part, I am proud that I undertook and followed your cleanse program, which is fairly demanding in my opinion.
  • I have learned new food choices, but more importantly, different eating habits.
  • I had been moving away from eating meat products but after this phase of the cleanse, I see that I am perfectly fine not eating meat and indeed do not crave it at all.
  • My skin has felt smoother and more emollient, whereas before our olive oil/loofa procedure it was quite dry.
  • While I was particularly tired after a few days of the procedure, I have slept better than average.

Going forward I feel quite certain that, while I will not continue to maintain the diet we followed on the cleanse, I will, however eat some days in that fashion. I plan to repeat this cleanse on occasion but realize that it is helpful to do so along with others to help keep me on track.  There are 2 things that I did not do during the cleanse procedure that I will focus on the next time around and that is (1) meditating and (2) taking a day of silence and reflection (how good THAT would be!!!).   I found the experience to be very beneficial and am super glad I did it.  I thought the instruction book was very thorough and had answers to all my questions and the program was structured very well.

Pam Carter