Every season is a season of giving when it comes to someone's health and well-being

And perhaps giving needs no season and no reason but to share the love and care for those near and dear to you.  Your mom, wife, husband, son, daughter?  How about your co-worker, a friend or a neighbour.  Who can use this gift of health and healing? 

Perhaps it's You!

Health is the greatest wealth and can be the most deeply desired gift for many. 

Fulfill their desire today! 

What would make the Perfect Gift?  Consider the following offerings

Ayurveda Starter Package 

  • 3 one-hour private sessions
  • Cost $US395

1:1 Coaching and Counseling

  • 3 or 6 month individual work
  • most success in short amount of time
  • $US2,500 or $US4,500

Membership in Inner Compass Club

Your privata online learning portal for emotional healing

Video trainings, guided meditations

private FB group, FB lives for your Q&A

For Self-Healers and Seekers

$25 per month, no contracts

Gift of Second Opinion

  • One 90 min appt.
  • Details on above page
  • Cost US$250