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Heart Based Meditation (HBM) technique is created by Dr. Paul Dugliss, my teacher, who passed it to me and many of his students. I have since then taught this technique to over 100 students and it has been key in their health and well-being.  It is my intention to uphold all aspects of Dr. Dugliss's Lineage and pass it on to you.

I use this technique as the basis in all of my Meditation retreats.  There is no retreat yet scheduled due to our current crisis.  Once we do, the details will posted on our retreat page.

A technique that is passed on from teacher to student holds the higher vibration of the teacher and is powerful for that reason. It is my privilege to pass this technique on to you in its full integrity and authenticity. Mantra based techniques are one of most effective way to evolve and to free our soul from its suffering.

This course is being offered for FREE but you can choose to make a donation. Your contribution is your practice as it not only will evolve your soul but will help uplift society.

If you wish to make a donation, please scroll down and click the donation button. Making a donation purifies the energy of money and uplifts your soul and frees it from suffering.  This is one of the reasons why Gautam Buddha asked that his disciples go door to door asking for food.  On the surface, it looked like begging, but actually it was for the benefit of the villagers and it also helped them carry on with their work to benefit the world.

Dr.Dugliss makes refinements to the technique as he channels the information and I will continue to pass them on to you.

Effortless and the Benefits are Immense

This technique is sound based and uses the nature of the mind to train the mind. All those who have learned the technique have found it too  be easy and effortless indeed. It is worth repeating - It is effortless and the benefits are immense.

Proven to lower blood pressure, reduce stress, heal past traumas , cure headaches, improve mood and sleep, most importantly raise the level of our consciousness and vibrations, reduce aches and pains, Meditation is a healthier alternative to drugs, addictions and to bring about change.

Ready to Learn?

You can now learn this technique from the comfort of your own home via an audio.

You need 2 consecutive days, one hour each to learn the technique.

All you need to know and do is in the audio.  Scroll down to access the audios.

"The more intense the nature of a man, the more readily will he find meditation and the more successfully will he practice it" James Allen