The Ask of Our Times!

We have been given the gift of a pause, a bend in the road, to examine, to ponder, to seek, to look deep within, to get stirred, to change, to heal. This gift came at the cost of lost lives, great suffering, and despair and we are still paying. We can’t afford to waste it. It’s enough! We’ve suffered enough!

We don’t need to butt our heads against the restrictions, there is a better use of our time. We are supposed to go where there are no restrictions. Our inner world, our creativity, our ability to dream and re-design our lives have no restrictions. We are supposed to go there during this time and remove the countless invisible masks we have been wearing for centuries.

We are at a crossroad, being caught between the temptation of the ego or the call of our soul. We are presented with a choice. We must understand the enormity of the choice and what’s at stake.

These times are asking that we Wake Up and Heal.

Healing Your Relationship With Food:  The Ayurveda Answer

My First book to help you cut through all the fad diets and learn how to use food to evolve and to heal.  Available on Amazon!  Get the details Here


"Meena Puri takes you on a deep inner journey so you can heal yourself.

She guides you to your inner spiritual warrior so you can heal from all past trauma, neutralizing the inner darkness in your own heart, reminding you of your own healing abilities. She guides you in finding the true liberation by connecting with the Source of your Being.

Mastering the Human condition through a process of deep exploration and self-discovery, she lays out a spiritual path that honors all of who we are. The ultimate freedom she speaks about comes from radical acceptance of what is and by being a conscious co-creator of the New Earth.  In this way, we can all become the way showers through our own examples of self-healing and liberation.

We are the ones we have been waiting for!" Kornelia Stephanie of KS Media Group App

"Wake Up and Heal is a wonderful integration of the intersection between consciousness and healing. In this book Meena Puri weaves awakening and healing and shows how they are intimately connected. While the subtitle may lead you to thinking this book is about emotions, it is really about the essence of how we heal on all levels. It is an invaluable aid to anyone, whether one is interested in healing or in fulfilling one’s potential for health, happiness and a better quality life. The book is presented in an authentic, honest and personal way that inspires you to look at how healing can transform your life. It is highly practical, giving and concrete set of steps to aid the healing and awakening process. This book will be a blessing to those who embrace it." - Dr. Paul Dugliss, Academic Dean and Director of New World Ayurveda



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