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Balance and Center of Gravity

Today’s Class, Wed. 9:30am class focused on Working with Gravity for balance!

The need to balance becomes very apparent as we get older.  We hear stories of older people falling, breaking a hip, others complaining that they don’t have balance when they are walking or moving around.  Here are my tips for better balance:

  1. Gravity does one thing and one thing only; draws or pulls everything down!  On the surface, it feels like we are doomed to just become a puddle on the floor, but let’s think more in terms of how that in itself can help us balance.  Gravity provides an opportunity for an equal and opposing action.  How can we use that to our advantage?  When we are sitting, we allow the lower body ( hips down) to surrender to gravity, so we can use the upper body (waste up) to resist that force.  More we get settled with the lower body, more we can rise up.  We root down to rise up.  We use this throughout the practice, in all the postures.
  2. If we slouch when sitting or walking, we create multiple points in the body where gravity will pull us down.  When we sit or stand straight..( shoulders aligned with hips, hips aligned with feet etc.), we create a single linear relationship with gravity and then we can use gravity to oppose it effectively.
  3. Create a central reference for the body.  The central channel, that runs from the tail bone to the crown of the head, also is the CNS ( Central Nervous System).  The whole body is built around that center.  So when we walk, sit, run, we are always using that central line as the reference for the body.  The body is always drawing towards the center of the body.  Visualize a straight line from the crown to the tail bone and you can extrapolate a straight line down to the feet and use that as a reference for your body to draw towards.
  4. Lack of sleep, anxiety, fear can contribute to falling as well.  Pay attention to that and resolve these issues!  Above 60 is the Vata time of our life, where the Vata related imbalances such as insomnia, anxiety, fear can take hold.
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Post Election

Sometimes, we have to be shaken to our core to wake up for once and for all! I hurt for all the women, people of different color and race, who thought this was their chance to end the gender and race discrimination and inequality , But I realize, we can end that right now regardless of who runs this country.

Our power, ultimately, lies in our actions, never the outcome! We don’t know what to do right now, but we can meditate, pray, nourish our body and celebrate our very existence. We can celebrate the fact that we CAN bring change in our homes, neighborhoods, communities by how we treat each other.

The outcome does not change our values, our potential and our strength. Our daughters and our sons can achieve all that they want to achieve. Lets teach them equality, respect, self love and love for all humanity and teach them how to take care of themselves, love themselves, honor themselves and how to create communities that unite and not divide. Our lives are a result of our actions and our actions alone. Yes, we may have an uphill battle but don’t despair and hold on to the love that we feel for ourselves, and the whole of humanity.

Let the voice of fear and anger find its own way! Let’s not be controlled by our own fears! When the world is THIS divided and polarized, there is fear on both sides. In a polarized world, we all loose! A victory that is borne out of fear and hatred is not a victory. A victory that dims the light of so many people is not a victory!

Right now, to love is to yield to the parts of ourselves ..( the fear, anger ..our own darker, shadow side) and accept and love our own darker side. That is all the opposition parts actually showed us – our very own shadow side. We may right now be blinded by our anger and not see this; don’t allow the anger to turn into hatred, instead channel it to open our hearts even more. Become whole, as we bridge the gap between the good and the bad, the fear and the love. To love is to trust in our innate goodness!

Don’t mistake the process for the end result! The end result is not who won or who lost, the end result is how we feel in our hearts, how we show up for what is important and how we uplift ourselves and our communities.

So, chin up! There is a blessing in every curse and curse in every blessing. Our job is find the blessing no matter what, move on and become who we truly are! We are whole – with the good and the bad, the negative and the positive. Let’s open our hearts to those parts of ourselves that we don’t like. The results have merely mirrored what we experience within ourselves.

Let’s be the change we want to see in the world! Let’s love, love and love!

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