Meena's Musings

Anger, Love and Spirituality


We have been taught that anger is a negative emotion so we have learned to push it away. Many times, our emotions are not always clear and show up in the guise of anger and when we push anger away, we are storing many emotions in our tissues that lead to dis-ease of both mind and body.

To talk ourselves out of feeling something is quite confusing for the psyche as the experience has already happened whether we acknowledge it or not. Emotions are energy and the nature of energy is such that that we can neither create it nor destroy it, we can only transform it. It is our subconscious experiences that are mirrored in our external experiences to give us another opportunity to see it and heal it. The subconscious has no concept of time and space, hence the reason why we feel the traumas with the same intensity as when they actually happened; it does not judge the experience but simply holds the energy of it.

We can’t heal what we can’t see and that is why our innermost and  deeply held emotions are mirrored in our life experiences again and again until we can truly see into them and heal them. “Why does this keep happening to me?” is because we haven’t healed or metabolized our experiences. They don’t repeat to punish or reward us in any way, it is about freeing the energy behind it and to take responsibility for our own experiences.

These experiences serve as a catalyst to awaken us to our Truth if we allow it. Acknowledging our emotions allow us to see ourselves in the most vulnerable and mask-free way and strengthens our connection to our Truth. Lack of this connection is what the root cause of addiction is. We can choose: connection or addiction?

Talking about the experiences is helpful but it does not expand or heal us at the deeper levels. Remember the energy underneath our emotions is what needs to be freed.  How do we free it? By opening our heart to it.

Beneath all anger is pain; pain of not being enough, pain of being victimized or isolated, pain of abandonment, pain of feeling worthless, pain or shame of being found out, pain of being vulnerable.  All we ever want is love and by opening our heart to our own pain is how we experience the love.

Acknowledging our anger does not require another person, it only involves one person – the person who is experiencing it.  The second step is to express it physically; breathing and moving the body, making up curse words, throwing punches in the air, using a punch bag, screaming, breaking dishes and being creative with your expression.  Journaling can also help us see our own patterns and give air to our deeply embedded emotions.  Please note that this is all done in your own privacy.  It’s between you and you.  To acknowledge one’s emotions and to have a way to metabolize them releases the energy that’s been vested in hiding them and greatly empowers the individual.

Expressing the anger mobilizes all the other emotions that are hidden underneath. Those of us on the Spiritual path mistakenly and prematurely rise to the level of love and light and taking the high road, but what we forget is that the experience has already been had and we can’t hide the vibration of that experience no matter how deeply we bury it.  As my teacher once said, “You can run but you can’t hide”. Spirituality then becomes another form of escapism. We can’t meditate or transcend every experience; we must bring freedom to the energy of these experiences by opening our hearts to it. Love frees the painful energies of these experiences.

This is what it means to love our pain.  Difficult?  Yes! But it is short lived and the results are miraculous and hold the power to heal lifetimes of pain and trauma.

This is what our upcoming “Heal Your Life Meditation Retreat” is all about.   We will learn how to open our heart to all of our experiences and experience this New Way of Love – where nothing is made wrong but merged in the One Flow of Love.  The group, the space and the time provide a safe container  that will allow us to go deep into our past experiences and heal them.

Too often, we get lost in the details of the story and who did what and why it is someone else’s fault. This work is about taking ownership of our own experiences and healing them. Once we heal, these experiencing will no longer continue to repeat. “Why me? And Why does this keep happening to me?” will not be the questions that you will need to ask.

By opening our hearts to our own experiences, we are honoring our experiences and there is no better expression of Self-Love than this.

If you are ready to be done with past anger, trauma or pain, I invite you to join the retreat.  I think you will be amazed at your experiences and it may just transform you in a big way!  Details Here