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Beliefs and Relationships – What’s the Link? Read Amy’s Story


Married with adult children, Amy always felt that her husband Phil was going to abandon her even when he assured her repeatedly, at least on the surface. But he was never totally present in the marriage. No amount of therapy brought any long lasting results.
Amy experienced abandonment by both her mother and father in different ways. Mother never supported or listened to her which made Amy feel she was not important or good enough. This affected her sense of self and her self-esteem. It must be her fault, and she is not worthy enough, thought Amy and she carried these beliefs in every aspect of her life without realizing; this became the normal way of feeling for her until it started to affect her health – random aches and pains, digestive issues, lack of energy and anxiety. Here is a brief summary of her work with me:
  1. Recognizing that her past experiences created her beliefs and the energies of those beliefs is what attracted her to Phil, as he was emotionally unavailable reinforcing her belief that she is not good enough. This was familiar and comforting.
  2. Understanding that her parents behavior was also a result of the energies they were working with
  3. Healing her past experiences with specific tools and guided meditations and slowly shifting her beliefs
  4. Realizing that it’s the energy of abandonment and worthlessness that attracted her to Phil. On a higher note, these experiences were being created by her Higher Self so she could see and feel these experiences again in order to heal them. Without doing the deeper inner work, Amy could have been stuck in this cycle for years to come.
  5. Being absent was her husband’s defense mechanism from his childhood trauma to keep himself safe. Both of their traumatic experiences showed up differently in their behavior. Amy didn’t expect real presence and love from her husband as she believed she was not worthy of it and Phil could not give, so they were a good energetic match and both were unhappy.
  6. This work changed her vibe and behavior towards Phil and he started to respond by opening up more and being more present. Amy was slowly starting to feel good about herself again.
  7. This was a great start for them to rebuild their relationship – so they could experience more joy, freedom and growth together.
  8. Amy also began to “see” how the same pattern was showing up in her relationship with her adult children – she felt abandoned by them. In healing her past experiences and therefore her beliefs, her relationship with her children also started to improve.
  9. The heartache Amy felt transformed into fullness and warmth. She took more interest in her life, became more vibrant and active. The aches and pains disappeared.
  10. We also worked on her diet and eating and with the emotional healing, her digestion became better; she no longer felt bloated and her belly felt comfortable and calm.
If it weren’t for our close relationships, we will continue with the same old beliefs and be the same old wounded selves. Relationships are a mirror of our deeply held subconscious beliefs that we are not yet ready to acknowledge. That’s why I thank everyone who pushes my buttons – lol.
What keeps us stuck?
FEAR – It is painful to have to relive the past but when we revisit with an expanded perspective and with a purpose of healing, we are able to connect the dots of our life which itself is empowering and healing.
GUILT – There is guilt in talking “bad” about our parents, caretakers or whoever was involved; but when we understand that it’s not the people but the energies they are dealing with, we begin to see their humanity. The parents play out their trauma without realizing, the focus of our work is more about your experiences rather than the details of everything they did.
SHAME – We think if we had traumatic experiences, it’s because something is wrong with us. Here is the truth – NO ONE is spared from the energies of worthlessness, victimhood, abandonment, control, betrayal as these are age old energies that we carry with us from one life time to another. To be ashamed of traumatic experiences would be like being ashamed for being HUMAN. Let’s replace the shame with our collective vulnerability – this is the only way we can heal.
Why do we have to experience pain and suffering?
We continue to come back into human form again and again to heal, not to suffer. But we don’t know that, so we keep repeating the same patterns over and over again. There is no one punishing or rewarding us – it’s the energies. All negative energies are seeking to be freed in their highest expression, which is LOVE. This is the work to be done to heal.
We are all playing a part in the contract that we signed with our soul to experience certain things – the purpose is for us to see it, feel it and heal it and we are given this opportunity again and again. In this sense, everyone involved in the trauma is part of our “healing team”.
Time does not heal, time reveals all the energies that are hanging around in our tissues to be freed. Unfortunately, we get comfortable with misery and become mentally addicted to pain and negativity. It’s so important to wake up otherwise we run the risk of our children living our pain just like we are living the pain and trauma of our parents.
As we are transitioning into a new cycle of our lives, there couldn’t be a better time and better reason for us to heal all the old energies that we are vested in. Why take this with us into the next cycle of our life and keep passing it on. This literally is the time for a major paradigm shift but we must say Yes.
I am offering a great opportunity for you to begin this work in my online course – “Changing ONE Belief; Healing ONE Relationship”
Here is a quick summary of the course
  1. Begins Tuesday, July 20th, six 90-min live sessions
  2. Two time slots; 12-1:30pm and/or 7-8:30pm
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Who is this course for?
Those struggling with mental/emotional health, are gripped by the past trauma and experiences, and/or experience conflict and stress in relationships, or having physical symptoms without an diagnosable cause or otherwise, then I suggest you take this course
I love doing this work as I see the transformations. You can also transform, just decide and Sign Up
I am truly feeling the newness of the next cycle and feel grateful to be given yet another opportunity to wake up more, to be more and to live my potential.
Meena Puri