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Heal Your Energy: Heal Your Life


Ever wonder why when your loved one makes an innocent comment, you tear up and feel hurt?  It feels like a personal attack and all the pain that was stored up from years begins to surface?  Not only it begins to surface, you remember all the details like it was happening right now and you physically feel the pain in your heart.  Yes, it is the past occurrences that you thought you had put behind you and let go.  But your intense emotional reaction tells otherwise?

We actually don’t know what to do with painful experiences except wait for time to DE intensify them and we just really want to stop thinking about them and stop hurting.  But the energy of the experiences remain and are stored in the body and it acts as a filter through which we assess all the current happenings.  We may feel we have healed in the mind, but we haven’t experienced the healing.  Listen to this webinar to know what’s behind the charge and how to heal the energy of past pain.

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