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Heal Your Life Meditation Retreat Oct. 4th-6th 2019

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Song of the Morning, Vanderbilt, MI

If you are a Spiritually minded woman craving to let go of the past and step into the next season of your life with ease, experience joy, feel anchored in love and open to what’s possible, then join Meena Puri in this highly experiential and potent weekend in a place surrounded by simplicity and serenity of nature to gently nudge you to open your heart to flow love to all parts of you, perfectly timed in the season of transition reminding you of the beauty in letting go and a taste of the vastness that lies beneath.

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Testimonials from the attendees

” Going on a retreat with Meena is like going on a discovery adventure. You never really know what to expect, and even when you think you know, it will all change. I’ve been on many retreats with her and I’ve never been disappointed. And I’ve always walked away with significant growth. Thank you Meena for helping me learn to let go” Cindy Hemingway


“I always try to be there for others, helping out where I can, telling myself my time will come. I have found myself living with regret and resentment when I look back at opportunities I missed out on years pass. I have been feeling this way for a few years. This weekend I was able t acknowledge these feelings, allow them to come into my heart center. Accept and love these feelings, let go and move on”


“Thank you Meena for sharing your teachings. The Heart Based Meditation we learned wasn’t difficult – it’s quite simple and at the same time very powerful. The healing technique is a game changer and I am forever grateful to you. Your teachings have truly brought a miracle to me.


The technique Meena teaches is powerful in helping move beyond the smallness in the world to a much larger space. That place is love.” Jeanne T.


” I gained so much insight on how to let go off the fears I have for my children and grandchildren.” Patti


“The big take away for me was to retreat, pull back and surrender to all of my doubts and fears. To redirect my mind/ego. When you just feel “off” or “stuck” or even hopeless, a retreat of this kind will get you back on track and redirect you.” Suzy M.


“The joy I seek is found within me. It does not come from an outside person or thing. It is in my core and I need to tap into it. Meena’s retreat helped me see this. It has been an honor and a blessing to spend this time with her and the group” Susan Mann


“All the meditations and exercises awakened inner senses and I experienced intense light and energy in all my chakras. I feel now resting in my heart with deep peace and joy automatically. My doubts have fallen away, feel more aligned to be here for Divine work.”


“If you are looking for easy answers to your problems, Meena isn’t your best choice for help. If you, instead, are willing to dig deep, listen intently, believe in yourself and your power to heal, then you will find no better teacher or guide. And from this work, you will notice the shift in perspective and energy that will change not only your world for the better, but everyone in your life – personal, community and the planet. Bring your gifts out into the world – we need you.” Lisa


Special Water Ceremony
We will do a special water ceremony to deepen our connection to this element within ourselves and to honor the pigeon river that runs through the retreat center. We are mostly water and equipped for deep intuition and psychic powers. Water is a feminine element, constantly ebbing and flowing, just like our emotions.

Water symbolizes healing, pleasure and purification and it represents our subconscious. Water soaks us with love and magic worked from a place of love is very powerful.






“To heal is to become whole; to become whole is to embrace all of you; to embrace all of you is to be in the One Flow of Love; seeing everything in that flow is to be anchored in love!” – Meena Puri