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Healing Emotional Trauma

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Emotional trauma is an experience which we don’t know how to digest or what to do with.  Trauma can result from a direct experience or witnessing and even from watching a disturbing movie.  Over our lifetime, we have all accumulated traumatic experinces.  Because we don’t know what to do with those experiences, we learn to push it aside, rationalize, or normalize it about it, don’t process it. How we view it will help us digest it.

The effects of trauma show up as acute mood disorders, overreaction, lethargy, depression, feeling less than and even suicide.  We have never been taught on what to do with trauma – the only two options – talk therapy and pills are a far cry from what is truly needed to heal the trauma and thrive because of it.

Listen to this podcast to learn how the effects of trauma show up in our day to day life and how to metabolize these experiences so they stop zapping our life force.  Listen Here