Meena's Musings

How Consciousness Heals


Consciousness, Vibrations and Energy – these are the words that are buzzing around and many of us can’t help but be curious.  With Jim Carrey’s presentation in the “Knowledge of Today” – even the skeptics among us are becoming more open to this.

Consciousness is universal energy and life force.  Consciousness is a state of existence that is understood by direct experience and not by intellectualization.   Our journey into the physical body begins with consciousness just like a tree begins with the seed.  However, it transcends the human life as we know it and beyond the earth, in other words, it does not end when our human life ends.  It has no beginning and no end and is beyond the concept of time and space.  It contains the energy, information and intelligence and is the source of all thought, emotion and our liveliness. Healing comes from connecting with this source and disease arises when we disconnect from the source.

Our individual consciousness is part of the unified field of consciousness.  The laws of unified field are the laws of nature and this is the foundation for Ayurvedic Medicine.

The ultimate goal of all Yoga and Ayurveda is the development of consciousness so we can live to our potential and free ourselves of suffering.  This became distorted and lost over the years as Yoga evolved and is now finding its way back to us.

The mind, body and soul – also called the “trinity” rests on this field of consciousness.  There are many levels of consciousness resulting in different vibrations and frequencies. Which level we exist at depends on our own evolution. Every thought carries with it the energy and vibrations. For example, if we are stuck in the emotions and commotions of life, we will continue to attract the same. Meditation and healing practices allow us to raise our vibrations and therefore elevate us to the higher state of existence. In this higher state, we begin to develop a bigger context and look at the bigger picture i.e. we may begin to feel love and compassion towards someone that we could not stand before, or we may be able to express the most difficult of things that we had suppressed for long time with ease, we begin to connect to intuitive messages and may begin to channel info for the higher realm – when we exist in this state of consciousness, we will attract the same in our lives. Coincidentally, in this higher state, we may find resolve to major issues that had us stuck before. We can liken this higher state of existence to the eagle view – the only difference is that it happens effortlessly when we continue to engage in practices that develop our consciousness.

This experience of consciousness is very expansive, whole and liberating and we naturally gravitate towards this experience and begin to infuse it in our lives; aligning our actions and choices to what we have experienced.  This feeling of wholeness permeates through our being.  Psychological stress that also causes blockages in the flow of this energy and intelligence begins to dissipate.  We now set up the ground for healing and health.  What we need to do to heal again becomes clear.  We become open to making changes that were not possible before.  We tune in to what we need and we find ways to get it.  We begin to believe that healing is possible and begin to trust in the bigger picture.  We move towards acceptance, which spares a lot of our energy that was tied up in worry, control and conflict. It is this internal shift that goes a long way helping us with our symptoms and medical diagnosis.


There are numerous illnesses that result from disorders of the nervous system and then manifest into various physical symptoms.  Through the meditation, we release the stress from our nervous system. The mental and emotional imprints on the nervous system begin to loosen their grip and channels that were blocked begin to open.   In this way, we are working at the root cause of illness and not just stuck in the limited medical diagnosis.  We are multi-dimensional beings and the only way to restore wholeness is to begin at the source.  Healing happens in our core and not necessarily in the elimination of symptoms.  When we heal from within, the symptoms either disappear or no longer come in the way of our happiness.

In the spiritual path, it is natural to wonder, to question and even to challenge the truth.    Nothing worthwhile happens without inner inquiry and introspection.  To become one with consciousness is not to control the outcome of our actions, it is rather to co-create with that which is larger. It is to harmonize with our higher self and let nature do what is for the highest good. We regain our power when we harmonize with nature. We heal when we reconnect with the consciousness out of which all life arises.  When we become that open, that tuned in to who we truly are, there is no longer an attachment to a desired outcome, instead we feel okay with what ever happens.