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I Dream of a Different World


This work is very personal to me.  There is very little, if any, I say that I don’t live or practice.  There is very little that I haven’t experienced just like you; fear and anxiety, traumas and tragedies, heartaches and losses.  Every experience took me closer to who I am today and where I am today and for that I can’t but look at all of my challenges as blessings.  My perceptions, way of thinking, being and living is a result of digging deeper and asking really big questions.  This is Spirituality – it’s about connecting the dots, looking beyond that which is visible to the naked eye, it’s about going through many dark nights of the ego and keep coming out on the other end more whole, more like myself.  I don’t know any other way of living.

I am an empath, I hurt when others hurt and sometimes overdo to take other’s pain away.  I can’t help it.  I know if I could impart or teach others some of the tools and wisdom with others, they too can live the life they once desired. For me, this work is my soul’s calling and it keeps finding me; I simply follow.

As I was thinking deeply about this program, I recalled what I had written in my first book that was published 3 years ago.  Nothing has changed since then, I feel the same way I do today.  Here it is!

“There is a dream stirring in my heart. I dream of a diff erent world; a world that allows healing because it understands that to be the purpose of our human life. Pure Consciousness, the stuff of our making, seeks to express itself in every aspect of our living. And it sees you and me through our pain and suff ering. It is beckoning us to grow, to prosper and to shine. Pain is beyond our control, but suff ering is something we choose.
We can choose Consciousness instead; we can choose to shine like the sun. We can choose to dwell in our own infinite potential regardless of our small-minded agendas and goals. When we can allow Consciousness to simply have us, it will work its magic through us. What if we all understood this? What if we knew that we were more than just our physical body?”

Healing happens when we look at the bigger, whole picture, it rarely happens when we think we are just the physical body

Allow yourself to come alive and to feel deeply, feeling deeply is your ultimate strength; it is what you can afford to do. Let fear be a catalyst instead of an obstacle. Don’t normalize pain and suffering, it isn’t why you are here, you are here to heal.  There is a yearning in all of us, a fire to awaken to that part of ourselves which is much larger than we can imagine. Connect with that yearning. Nothing creates a bigger burden for our souls than not showing up for ourselves.

The Cry for Connection
Our stories may be different but our struggles aren’t really that different. If we can understand our own struggles, we can understand the struggles of others. This connection provides support like nothing else can. Even in our spiritual journey, we connect with like-minded individuals who support our growth, understand our challenges and keep us on track. Social media addiction, food addiction, or any other addiction for that matter is a cry for connection. It is a quest for validation and acceptance. “Every man for himself ” may be needed sometimes in our lives, but this type of thinking does not really work in the long run if what we are seeking is healing and connection
with others. Our desires are not separate from our spirituality; the desires that unravel our human potential are borne of our Spirit. This is our ultimate Truth.

We are alone in our spiritual journey in the sense that we have our own lessons to learn and our own unique path and process to follow, but connection, collaboration and cooperation go a long way towards easing our path and suffering. We don’t heal in isolation. We can easily mistake loneliness for independence, isolation for privacy, and create a wall around ourselves. There is a need for deep connection with our heart and its needs; a need to let go of the ego and become real and transparent. We can no longer prohibit real deep conversations and hide behind masks. Our ultimate freedom lies in living our truth. The truth will set you free! Yes, indeed! It is our ultimate shield and defense.

Healing as a Collective Concept
As we heal, we heal the world around us. Healing is a collective concept; individualism and division does not lead to healing, as our human hearts yearn to connect. We can’t limit our thinking to only ourselves, as we are powerful in the way that we affect others, and we are equally affected by others. As we discussed previously, we are part and parcel of the whole of a Creation that includes each of us. Yes, we are responsible for ourselves but we are also responsible to this world that we are a part of. And that is where, as individuals, we can make a shift” – From Healing Your Relationship with Food: the Ayruveda Answer

Why am I living through these times?  What is being asked of me during these times?  – are the questions I ask myself to make sense of things.  Ask yourself the same questions; I think we are asked to heal and lead the way for humanity; to be a beacon of love for humanity.  What if this way of thinking, living and being can spread like a virus?  What if this becomes a movement?