Meena's Musings

My 5 Insights on Chakras and Meditations


One thing is clear!  No matter how much you think you know, there is always more!  This is what I have been intrigued with lately and working with.

One of the obstacles or “lack of clarity”  in any area of our life is because this stuff is very subtle yet the discovery can be no less than profound and impacts our lives in a big way.   BTW, meditations ( directing the mind in a chosen direction) is a tool to access the chakras ( our subconscious), so this is all interrelated.

  1. If we are feeling stuck in any area of our life, it is certain that our beliefs – mostly subconscious are creating that reality. The most subtle beliefs are hard wired into our psyche i.e. chakras – the energetic body.  It requires a certain amount of wakefulness or mindfulness to look into our life as is  and we need to do some “work” to remain awake.  The good news is you can’t undo the “work”, so even if you want to stop, you won’t be able to.  That has been my experience.  I suppose you can always “roll in the mud” if you choose to, but for most, they loose the attraction.   There are so many dimensions to this “work” and it provides a new landscape every time.

So, the point is in order to be unstuck on the outside, we have to untangle on the inside and I am going to ascertain that this is always the case.  The question is where are you stuck in your life?

  1. The second insight reinforces the first one in that we project our inner “stuff” on the outside. Recently, I have been working with a business coach.  In our conversations I talked about the difficulty in taking my practice to more and more people.  One of the comments I made to her was that most people settle for mediocre health and life and therefore my difficulty in getting them to work with me to better their health.  In other words, they settle.

I am humbled to admit that I was talking about myself,   I settle for less than what I want in my practice.  Of course, I thought  I was talking about people.  And that is true for many of us, that we do settle.  We settle because we have fear of greater or bigger life and what if our dreams actually came true.  When she pointed that out to me, I agreed immediately as on some level I had known that I was settling or just too attached to the comfort of “status quo”.  I needed to step up and take another big leap.

So, you see, there is no end to this stuff.  Learning never stops.  We can’t or are too fearful ( all subconscious) to see this kind of stuff but it is driving our life.  So, it is of utmost importance that we address it if we want our life to be more of what we want and what we are capable of being and doing.  So, Are you settling?  It is totally ok, if you are.  But at least know it and know your why?

  1. There are 3 BIG Challenges in our life that are common amongst us.  In mulling over it for a few days, I was able to sum it up in these 3 big areas
  • Feeling Stuck: finances, work, relationships.

What it feels like is boring, blah…!  Neither here nor there.  Lack of creativity,  lack of emotional flow,  and hampered financial flow.

  • Not enough experience of Love

                Most of us experience a  myriad of emotions throughout our day and most of those emotions are of lower vibration or are negative;  feeling  fearful, upset, angry,  out of sorts, confused,  unworthy, shame, cynical …etc.   It may feel like low grade anxiety and/or depression. On the surface it may seem like that there is a valid rational reason for us feeling that way.  We may chalk it up to  the weather, politics, people etc. and these factors do affect us.  But how much? They effect us as much as we are feeling these things on the inside independent of the external                 factors.  The external factors  get drawn in as our inner vibration acts like s a magnet to them.   So, when there is a lack of light and love in the inner psyche, we are more susceptible to the same on the outside.

                I am using Love in the broader sense and it can be experienced as Peace, Balance, Bliss, Trust,   Joy etc.   How often do you feel Love?

                We try our best to talk ourselves out of the negativity but without having solid experiences of   Love we come short and always struggle.  Through meditations, we purposefully bring in the Love or the bliss factor into our experience.

                The idea is to change the charge of the inner magnet.  What do we want to be magnetic  towards?

  • What’s your purpose? Why are you doing what you are doing in the first place?  If we understand and connect with our Why, we gain clarity and keep our energy where it is needed and helps us focus our efforts.    Answer to the why is a must  to stay anchored in our efforts and not the results. This is not always sitting on the surface for us to access.  We have to do some digging sometimes to get to the answers.  But it is a question worth asking every time.    Meditations clear the path, makes visible what once was invisible.
  1. This brings me to the next insight, the letting go. On the surface, letting go feels fearful and complacent but it starts a flow that is almost mysterious.    It opens up doors that were once closed.   This is something I experience time after time.  When I let go, things work out as they should and most of the time in ways that I never imagined.  When we let go, we are letting in the infinite solutions to our challenges.   This is more buck for our money as we get so much more than we can ever anticipate, but the truth is it does not matter what we get as we no longer have attachment to a specific result.  Again, we get anchored in the actions and regain our own infinite power.  Yes, when we let go, we are tapping into nothing but our own infinite power.   It is not out there, it is inside of you.  The chakras, our energy, is the source of our infinity, it is housed in our physical vessel so we can channel that energy safely and appropriately.
  2. More “work” we do, more we evolve, sometimes more fear will show up. Yes, that is our ego, wanting to maintain status quo.    You know you are leaping forward when the fear gets bigger.  Just hang in.  All is coming.   That is the time to go back to the above insights and connect more dots. That is when I meditate, mull over, ask the question and repeat until I get clear and then the fear does not come in the way.  It may still be there but it has no charge.   That is why we do this “work” so when our emotions get out of hand, we don’t!

What are some of your insights?