Meena's Musings

Ponderings for 2013



  • Fulfillment/satisfaction is an inner experience. It does not come from multitasking and balancing everything in our lives; it comes from pouring ourselves deeply into our passionate pursuit in life.
  • Life is not a zero sum game.  When we take time away from family or work for our-self, our family/work will be enriched by the things we learn, the growth we experience.
  • Life/Love flows where it is needed.  Allow yourself to flow into whatever it is that’s calling for your attention.  Do not invent guilt.
  • Guilt, shame and blame are a construct of the mind.  The only real emotion is LOVE.  Everything else is absence of LOVE.
  • We are ONE person with ONE life.  When we divide ourselves between various important aspects of our life, we crumble.  Abraham Lincoln said, “A house divided can not stand.”
  • What is a Life Well lived?  What does your best life look like and what things do you do regularly to take you a step closer to that best life.