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Setting Boundaries with Ease & Love

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Do we draw a line in the sand or look deeper into the need for setting boundaries?  Ever wonder why we have to keep on setting boundaries with the same people over and over again?  The answer lies in looking deeper within ourselves.  When the boundaries are set from a place of fullness, love and self-worth, it not only unites us with others but expands the flow of love.  This is where boundaries result naturally out of love and respect leaving plenty of room to grow and adjust.  Listen to this podcast for more.

Through the Heal Your Life Workshops, you learn how to operate the mind through the heart and how when we harmonize all of our aspects, the heart becomes a six pointed star, a place of healing like it was meant to be. That which is painful in our lives is what is ready to know love and heal us. We will work with the A technique: Awareness, Allow, Acceptance, Appreciation, Application, Anchoring through all the episodes.