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Simple Steps to Health & Happiness in 2014.

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Happy New Year!  How wonderful to have another opportunity to wipe the slate clean and start all over.  There is a certain excitement, a readiness amongst people that is inspiring and uplifting.  We are reminded again of our dreams and desires and our fire is lit.  Regardless of what we name our resolutions, they all come from a desire to be more healthy and happy.

As we move into the year, our energy wanes and we forget what we wanted. This happens for many reasons. One of the reasons is that the gap between where we want to be and where we currently are is too big, too ambiguous and without any template for making a change, we repeatedly land in the vicious cycle of getting off and on the track.  Naturally, we fall back on what’s familiar and therefore “comfortable”.   Secondly, we have no internal reference or experience of what it would feel like to be more healthy and happy. Our current state becomes the norm and we have nothing to compare it with.

To experience health and happiness in the full spectrum of our lives, the changes must be internally driven and not externally imposed.  Consider this to get started on some simple steps:

  1.  Every obstacle is a gift.  Can you recall a time when what you thought was a biggest hurdle ended up being a blessing in your life?
  2. Make peace with the past.  The past is where you’ve been, what you’ve enjoyed, what you’ve endured. Are you stronger, happier, and wiser or are you weaker, bitter, and angry?  What are you going to choose? The choice is up to you.  Hold on to the learning, let go of the story.
  3. Pay attention!  Where do you feel stuck?  What is the feeling? Where do you feel it? Simply breathe into those areas. Liven up the body and let the energy move. Sit with it for 60 seconds before you react.
  4. Move your body.  Walk, run, dance, do yoga or anything that is physical. Start an activity that you like and do it 3-4 times per weak.  Movement changes our body, changes the internal environment, changes perspective and opens us up for possibilities.
  5. Keep it simple.  Whether it is nutrition, lifestyle changes, career goals, family goals, make a simple change one step at a time.  If it feels too much or too big, break it down into small little steps. Do one thing per week and repeat if needed and keep going.
  6. Do not get stuck in the little stuff, remember the bigger picture.  Everything happens to take you to the new level of growth, expansion and evolution.  Do not come in the way of it.  You do not need to understand everything now.
  7. Learn how to access and claim your personal power.  One of the very powerful tools is meditation.  It will serve you well to learn it.
  8. You do not need to do it alone.  Seek expert guidance.  Join in with a friend or family member who will encourage and support you. There is a lot of power in having the right people align with you.
  9. When the time pressure is on, begin and the pressure will be off.
  10. And keep it light!  Nothing is a big deal!  We are all trying to figure out how to live.  We are in this together.  Have some fun and enjoy the ride.

This is your year!  Name it and Claim it!