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The 6A Technique for Healing


What is Healing?

Healing is our journey to Wholeness.  According to Wikipedia,  healing is the process of restoration from an unbalanced, diseased and damaged or unvitalized organism. Healing is a process and direction is more important than the speed.  Regardless of which stage we are in, we are moving in the direction of healing.

Being born on this planet provides on-going opportunities for us to heal, if we choose to see it that way.  How we respond to our external environment is a function of that state of our Nervous System.  Body is the Sub-conscious mind and the undigested or unmetabolized experiences are part of the Sub-conscious mind.  These are the hot buttons that get triggered when something similiar comes to our Conscious mind from our external environment and circumstances.

What’s Karma or Energy?

All of life is energy.  What’s referred to as Karma is the energy of action and reaction.  Everything we do, think or feel creates energy and how we feel deeply also has energy.  Energy is understood by the vibration, therefore every thought, feeling ( known or unknown), and action has a vibration to it.  Anything thought, action or feeling that is negative, dark has a lower vibration and love, compassion, wisdom, intuition has higher vibration. Energy is cyclical; what we put out into the world energetically via our vibration, is what we receive back.  Another priniciple of energy is that it can neither be created nor distroyed, it can only be transmuted.  When we feel hurt, it’s the energy of being hurt; when we feel worthless, we are dealing with the energy of worthlessness.  Instead of looking at the person behaving a certain way, when we look at the energy they are carrying or dealing with, it gives us a bigger perspective.

Our thoughts and feelings are energy.  When we have unpleasant thoughts or feelings, our general tendency is to push them away.  That give the unpleasant energy more power; even thought we feel we have buried them for the time being, they are just waiting for an opportunity to express themselves and often do when we are not anticipating.

Pushing unpleansant thoughts and feelings block our energy and creates even more burden on our subconscious perpectuating our negative way of being and behavior.

Since energy can’t be created or destroyed, our current life is a continuum of all the lifetimes we have lived and our experiences are representations of the energies we have created in prior lifetimes. To heal all energies is to transmute them or free them in Love.  The saying, “Love heals all” is a true statement. 

The dark energies of fear, control, manipulation, victimization, abandonemnt, betrayal are very old energies and we all have experienced them at somepoint in our lifetime.  To heal these energies is to open our heart to that part of us that is experiencing these energies and bringing them all into the ONE FLOW OF LOVE.

You are the KEY to set yourself free!!!

There is noone good or bad, nothing right or wrong, only the experiences of these energies.  Judging something or someone creates the energy that will cycle back to the one judging.

How to heal yourself?

The A Technique is a powerful method for transmuting energies and can assist us in healing all our stored-up pain and resistances in life.  It is a simple yet very powerful technique that literally moves mountains of energy when it is practiced regularly.  It is the foundational process that we can use to transform limiting energies, assisting them to expand into a full Spectrum of Love.

This full Spectrum of Love includes not only the Love, joy, and happiness in life, but also the pain, fear and anger that we created during our Journey into the Darkness.  This perception of Love sees all life as being a part of Love.  With our willingness to fully accept life just as it is, it is transformed and expanded into a full Spectrum of Love.  This allows us to have the wisdom and understanding of what we have gained from the pain and suffering, and enables us to live as full Spectrum Beings of pure Love, Loving and honoring all life without exception.

This fulfills our Purpose in Life, so that we can be clear and open channels for the Heavens to flow their Love through us, anchoring Heaven on Earth so that all life on this Planet may live in a Love-based Realm. It is a gradual process of shifting from a fear-based to a Love-based Realm, and you are a Key player in anchoring these energies for life to expand in Love…by beginning with yourself! This simple technique will allow you to experience this shift within yourself, so that you may live as a Fifth Dimensional expression of Humanity and as a being of pure Love.  Here is a brief summary of this technique:

1. Awareness – become aware of what is taking place and your participation in every situation in your life.

2. Allowance – consciously open your heart to every energy you are feeling throughout the day and allow Love to flow for them.

3. Acceptance – accept these energies just as they are, allowing them to flow through your heart in complete acceptance — without the need to change them by putting them into categories or judging them in any way — you will give them their freedom.

4. Appreciation – as you accept these energies, your heart will naturally open to feel appreciation for everything these energies have shown you.

5. Application – when you begin to apply these principles in your life, you bring this work into reality…to live it…to be it… You bring all of your suffering and pain to a “Full Circle of Love” to set yourself free!

6. Anchoring – anchoring of Heaven on Earth brings your entire life’s Journey to a ‘Full Circle of Love’ within you, which allows the Heavens to flow their Love and Light freely through you, fulfilling your Purpose in Life.