Meena's Musings

The Moment


I came across this unfinished blog and felt it so fitting during our current time of global pause.

Running at the indoor Milford High School track, I was really enjoying the kids playing below in the gym. I was relieved to have them there so I could distract myself from the fact that I didn’t want to run. The gym was so alive, filled with activity; kids were squealing and shouting, jumping and tackling one another. Totally engrossed in their play I forgot that I didn’t feel like running and then the bell rang.

In the blink of an eye, the gym was empty. Complete Silence! Jolted by this sudden stillness, I stopped running and just stood there. What is this moment, I questioned? It was this moment. It is always this moment. Where was this moment just a minute ago when the same gym was bustling with activity and noise?

I was so focused on the activity that I never even questioned about the moment. Was activity the moment? But moment is always there, so where was it just a few seconds ago?

Then It hit me. The moment was there, is always there; like a stage or a platform upon which all life dances and happens.

That is where the moment always is! Underneath, in the background, ever so subtly yet constantly, supporting and holding all life, all activity. Holding all of life’s experiences; joyful and painful, events, occurrences without a sigh or a squeal, without shifting or moving; like a mountain, like a mother just holding all of life.

Engrossed in life’s happenings, activity and experiences like I was with the kids, we seldom go into the moment that is holding all the experiences. The time passes, the experiences linger, yet the moment remains the same. Holding on to our memories and experiences, we forget the Moment. We hold on to that which is fleeting and miss that which is constant.

Merging the past and always there in the future, the Moment is Now and Is always. Perhaps its the knowing of the Moment that can help us be neutral, stronger yet more present in our life’s experiences instead of identifying with them. Everything changes, but the moment remains.

Dropping below our surface awareness, the Moment is waiting to be found. Filled with all the possibilities, it’s waiting for us to draw it out and create pathways for its manifestation.

The moment connects us all!