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The One Flow Of Love – Happy Valentine’s Day 2022


What is Love?

Love is the most elusive, most used and most wanted word, or rather feeling. We wait for it; to be in Love, to be loved, to feel love.  We chase it and seldom experience it.

Again, it’s a matter of changing direction.  The direction to go find it is inwards. Love is who and what we are at the core of our being.  It may feel like a vague concept because it can only be understood by experiencing it and most importantly it must be realized within ourselves.  How can we experience Love when all of our life’s experiences are far removed from it?  That’s why we are doing this work.  With this work we are understanding how to love our pain, in so doing we cultivate our heart – the reservoir of this Love Energy.

Falling in Love

We are more familiar with Love in the romantic sense; falling in love and falling out of love; the mere idea of “falling” implies the end of all consciousness; the symptoms many times are that of depression:  lack of sleep, hunger, euphoria, being in the clouds; obsession, a preoccupation, escape, a fantasy.  All of our unmet needs are surfaced and we fool ourselves by thinking that this person will fulfill all of our dreams. We get re-wounded. We have ideas of what it should be; it’s like trying to fit a square into a circle.  This causes heart ache and we mistake it for “being in love.”

Without a direct experience of Love, we make up all kinds of notions about it and become a prisoner of our own fantasies and thoughts; “If you love me, then you will do this.”  The love we are used to is love without Consciousness. This kind of love leads to control, fear and manipulation as we experience in our relationships.

We think love is a feeling, this implies it can change like all feelings change. So, we keep chasing the feeling and further away it gets. Then, we go to the feelings that “feel like love” and we come to the feelings of peace, fulfillment, balance, happiness, joy, kindness, freedom, compassion etc.

Now we begin to believe that love is everything that is positive, good and nice.  What about fear, pain, disappointment, confusion, judgment, hatred, anger, resentment, control, anxiety, humiliation, shame, blame, guilt, discrimination, manipulation, isolation, separation, put downs, betrayals, broken hearts, deception and all of our 3D experiences?  Where do we put all of this and what do we do with it?  So, what do we do? We keep reliving it in our heads recreating the same feelings and we can’t help but pass it on to others.

Energy can’t be contained, it leaks out.  This is how we perpetuate the misery because we simply don’t know what to do with it.

We put all of this in our heart.  How?  By opening our heart to our pain and misery. If we don’t put it in our heart, it embeds in our tissues, our organs and will eventually show up as disease.

There is only One Flow of Love

The new definition of Love includes all the other experiences that don’t feel like love. Instead of storing them in the body, we put them in the One Flow of Love, in our heart. In the allowance and inclusion, resistance turns into acceptance; instead of feeling a victim of our experiences, we begin to appreciate them. Fear transforms into Love; anger reveals pain of not being loved and feeling the pain turns it into love, self- hatred turns to self-care, judgment transforms into acceptance, shame into vulnerability, guilt into self-love, lack into abundance, worry and anxiety into trust. Love become whole and not fragmented, then there is nothing that is not Love

Love is a state of Consciousness. It is a constant and does not fluctuate.   Love is the basis on which the entire Creation is resting.  The trinity of Body, Mind and Spirit is held by this field of Consciousness.  It’s the seed of everything and nothing.  All of our experiences arise out of this field.

How will your life experiences change if you shift into this all-inclusive broader perspective and understanding of Love?

In Love, all energies are free. Instead of seeking freedom from pain, we free the pain in Love. Love provides the greatest freedom from pain.  Here the experience is like coming home to oneself and becoming one with our Truth.  So much of our negative emotions arise in search of love and feeling abandoned by it. When we flow them in The One Flow of Love, the search is over. In this understanding, we don’t fall in or fall out of love; we are Love. We rest when we come home to it.

This is our truth:  Love and Light.  It’s not a fluffy, new-age concept; it’s our reality. 

This work is not about focusing on the positive, or just being positive, rather it’s about understanding what to do with all that is not positive.  Love becomes our pivot; it becomes our anchor.

Here, we live as a Being of Love, instead of a “doing” of life.  

Love is the energy of the highest vibration.  All other lower energies seek to merge with this high energy.  When we are fearful, reassurance that all will be okay dissipates our fear. When we feel hurt, kindness and compassion soothe our wounds.  When we understand that, we begin to cultivate our own heart by opening it and we begin to flow love with our fears, we flow love to our wounds; this way realizing that Love was within us all along.  We fill ourselves with Love, we become Love, we radiate Love.

We don’t wait for someone to love us; all of us are wounded, one wounded person looking for love from another wounded person creates quite the crazy chase.  We chase our desires into our own heart for we know they will be fulfilled there.  Here, Love is the energy we naturally emit and fill our surroundings and our environment with it.

In understanding the history of humanity, the most important to remember is that we are anchored and created in Love and healing will take place when we solidity our connection with that knowing.

How to Open your Heart?

You may sit down for a moment and do this exercise.

Drop into your heart and think of a person or a pet that you love deeply.  Keep thinking of them and keep opening your heart to them.  Notice how you feel.  Some people begin to tear up, they soften, feel warm and they feel the expansion in your heart.  How do you feel?

Now bring to your mind someone you can’t stand.  We all have at least one person in our life like that.  Open your heart to them.  Exactly.  One client said, are you crazy, I can’t open my heart to this person. Notice how that feels.  Do you feel constricted, bad, tight? Do all of your feelings about this person surface? By this contrast is how you will know the feeling of opening your heart.

By bringing the mind into the heart, we are training it to operate from the heart.

Let’s work with fear. Bring the part of you that is fearful into your heart and open your heart to the fearful you. Keep expanding and opening your heart so the fearful part of you is enveloped in this heart energy and when you keep doing that, it all becomes love.  Now Love is expanded because it has fear in it.  But fear is nowhere to be felt.  This is how you transform your fears into Love. This is how Love heals.  By this practice, you are also training yourself in subtle perception of how it feels when the heart is open vs when it is not.

To heal the pain is to love the pain. When we push the pain away, we are wanting to be free from it. But we can never destroy the energy because it’s the law of energy.  What we don’t realize is that what we truly desire is to free this energy into Love. Love is where the energy of pain is freed.

We feel love by experiencing kindness, trust, compassion and joy to name a few.  These experiences arise out of a state of Consciousness or state of Love. Love is a state of Being and it’s the highest and the most creative power we have as humans. To know this Love is to cultivate our heart by continuously opening our heart to all of life. When Love is what we feel, it naturally flows out of us to others.

The need for love is met by giving it.

We can intentionally drop into our heart frequently throughout our day.  This is how we connect with our heart and cultivate it for its potential.  Choosing love in every moment and holding on to all parts of ourselves is how we cultivate Love. Think of the heart as a filter that softens everything.  Being in the mental flow, we become rigid, tense and tunnel visioned. Heart expands our vision; it softens us and helps us release the unnecessary tension. Heart is our window to Pure Consciousness, to the Quantum field of all possibilities.

We are conditioned to think we always have to feel something, but when we are just being, the feeling is of ease, of balance and alignment and we just go about our day peacefully without highs and lows and this is how we can be. This happens in expanded awareness, but we are not aware of the awareness as we become the awareness itself.

When we are feeling nothing, we are simple at ease, in flow and effortlessly going about our day. We are free.

Right/wrong is the mental flow; heart flow is as is.  The intention is to keep expanding with joy, freedom, playfulness, greater freedom, unity and merge with the Heavens. From feeling shattered to whole is how we heal the pain of separation.

This Valentine’s Day, I wish you an experience of Love that stays with you and becomes a part of you.