Meena's Musings

Understanding Anxiety


Do you or someone you know experiences anxiety?  Studies show that one in every 3 individuals (kids included) experience anxiety at one point or another in their lives.  More often than not, it is accompanied by panic attacks, depression or other nervous system disorders.  Occasionally experiencing anxiety is not the problem, only when it becomes a way of being.  Many factors contribute to anxiety, but it often results from anticipating or affirming an undesirable future outcome and being locked into that mental space.

What is anxiety?  It is an emotion like anger, disappointment, fear etc. Emotion is energy in motion that has vibrations.  When an emotion lowers our energy, it has low vibration and when it lifts our energy it has high vibration.  Energy can only be transformed; it can’t be destroyed or created.  We can’t talk ourselves out of feeling anxious or any other emotion that zaps our energy.  We can only transform it.  We can either transform it into more anxiety, fatigue, panic attacks or into creativity, life force and exuberance.  This all depends on the state of our internal environment.  When the internal environment is weak, we magnify the symptoms and manifest more disorders.  Our energetic field is the subtle yet the most influential part of our being that dictates what we attract into our lives.  Carrying emotions with low vibrations attracts more of the same into our lives.

We must create an internal environment that can hold high vibrations and high energy, strength and vitality that is much stronger than the stresses outside. This requires conscious effort and practices to create and maintain an internal environment that elevate us to higher sense of self.  Any practice that changes the pranic and molecular environment of the body such as Yoga, pranayama are highly effective in creating the required shift.

The fire is the most important element that is required for transformations.  It is the same fire that helps transforms our food into physical energy. Just the right amount of heat and pressure transforms a carbon molecule into diamond. Too much fire can burn and too little may not be enough to create a shift. The “just right” amount can transform our emotions into devotion, intelligence and wisdom; our anger into passion and radiance; our fears into love and our anxiety into creativity.

We are multifaceted human beings.  No single approach or “one size fits all” approach may be sufficient.  Physiological imbalances contribute or worsen anxiety symptoms.  Being underweight, emaciated, overdoing, eating foods that are too light or airy can perpetuate anxiety.

When our internal energetic environment holds high vibrations and the vitality inside is stronger than the pressures outside, we can organically transform the stress into something greater. The task is not to resolve every problem, the task is to elevate and purify the internal environment where problems take on a whole lot of meaning and we gain a bigger perspective.

We are built to adapt.  Our strength lies in our adaptability and not in us being the strongest and the fittest.   We must adapt to the external stressors by raising the vibrations of our internal environment.