Meena's Musings

What I am taking with me to 2021!


Often, we talk or hear about pivotal moments in one’s life that serve as a course correction and redirect us.

If we hadn’t known or experienced a pivotal moment anytime in our lives, 2020 offered us a very generous serving of that.

If we take a quick inventory of who we were in January 2020 and who we are today, December 2020, I think we will notice a gap, a discrepancy. However big or small, we have shifted!  2020 has touched our planet, the whole of humanity and each one of us individually in ways that we are no longer the same; with its trials and tribulations, 2020 has chiseled us to be a closer version of who we are created to be.

We have gone through a lot in a relatively short time and we will be digesting and recovering from these experiences in the years that follow.

So, on the last day of 2020, I reflect back, gather my thoughts, realizations and insights that I want to take with me to 2021.

  1. I am a light being in a physical body experiencing life on this planet Earth. Remember when someone died in our family, the elders would point to the stars and tell us that that person is right there in the sky as a star. That was the truth; it took me this long to believe it.
  1. Home is everywhere. My heart swells with emotions and my eyes swell with tears as I step on the ground (Mother Earth), look up at the sky (Father GOD), hear the wind, feel the touch of the snowflakes or the rain and notice the vastness of the space around me. I feel nestled in the womb of creation like a pearl in a seashell.  If this was not convincing, the name of the street I turn on to go home (Barberry – I lived on Barberry in Milford), the same annoying beep of the fridge if I don’t close it just right (I thought I left that fridge behind), the shade of the trees on a sunny afternoon just like the street I walked on in Milford, and finding a flat shining blue stone in the shape of a mitten, all give me a warm fuzzy feeling of being at HOME.  The magic is not in the nature; magic is in our ability to “see” it.  We are the magic and the miracle.   
  1. Our desires are meant to be fulfilled otherwise we won’t have them. During isolation, I spent a lot of time on my deck in my home in Milford. Standing there at night time, I would notice complete dark except for the light that I turned on, the shadow of the tall big trees and utter silence. It felt as if the whole town had fled and I was the only one standing there. I would often close my eyes and visualize what I wanted instead. I would picture lights all over the trees, I would hear laughter, voices and feel the commotion of people around me.  Now, living on the 17th floor in the center of Toronto, I am surrounded by a gazillion lights, I see and hear life around me all the time. We come alive with our desires and dream.  Let’s dream big and dream away!
  1. We are creator beings. We can create the life we desire. I bet you have created the life you are currently living. Take a moment and see how all you have wanted has manifested in one way, shape or form. What do you want to create 2021 and beyond?
  1. Information age is over. This is a time of being; of experiencing.  So, dance, sing, pray, play, meditate, write, cook, and do what makes you experience your liveliness, your being and your own magic.