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What's your reason to "Not do Yoga"

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I have had a bad experience in a Yoga class. I never want to do that again. Have you ever bought a bad pair of shoes? Do you stop buying shoes because of that?  All shoes are not build the same; all Yoga is not the same!  Just because you’ve had a bad experience in one class, does not mean there is not a good one out there for you.  Try a class with us; we are pretty sure you will come back again.

I can’t bend; I am so inflexible.   This is a BIG one! The truth is most of us are inflexible until we do Yoga.  It is precisely the reason why you should!   Do not mistake the end for the means.  Flexibility is the end result of doing Yoga.  You start as you are!

Wouldn’t it be awesome to be able to reach up to get something without pulling a muscle, bend down with ease, pick up your child or bag of groceries without hurting your back, not wake up stiff, being able to look behind you without straining your neck, play with your kids on the floor….

What is it costing you to remain inflexible? Ask yourself this question and you may gain more clarity as to why you should do Yoga.

I am waiting till my shoulder gets better and my back does not hurt any more…Make Yoga part of your recovery process. We have 2 therapy classes, which will address your specific issues, or even the level I classes depending on if you are new to yoga or are seasoned.  Yoga therapy will help you regain most of your movement back; in many cases, full recovery and will help you prevent future injuries.  The Yoga School specializes in Yoga therapy! 

I can’t sit still. Frantically running around to get stuff done does not necessarily translate into accomplishing more. How do you feel when you run around everyday to do more and more?  How do you sleep?  Are you happy at the end of the day, or simply exhausted?

What if you could accomplish more with less stress and more fulfillment? This is the promise of Yoga! Why are you holding back in experiencing this kind of life?

Make Yoga part of your life – live with ease and presence and live a purposeful life.

It is too hard, you have to hold poses and I will make a fool of myself in front of the whole class. The classical poses are a very small part of Yoga, and some Yoga teachers may focus only on that. Here, at The Yoga School, we are not about poses, but we do all of them. There are countless ways to tap into the body and there is more to us than just the physical body.  We explore all that in our classes.  We teach you how to feel better in YOUR body; there is no predetermined class or material you have to learn.  NO, you do not have to hold any poses and endure pain!  You will walk away feeling better and have more energy.

What if I start laughing, can’t do what others are doing and make a fool of myself Come laugh away! Laughter is a way for many of us to work through what we may be feeling.  You will figure out what that is for you!  There is a purpose in comparing us to others; it helps us define ourselves.  Once we begin to accept ourselves as we are, what others do or think becomes unimportant. Laughter is the best medicine and we take it generously in our classes.

I do not want to be in 100 degree temperature room, that would be torture!  All of our classes are around 70-degree temperature. Bikram yoga classes are taught at a high temperature.  We are not Bikram Yoga.

I have a fear of… Fear can be a great motivator and it can also be debilitating. Are you afraid that you will never be healthy and happy?  Let that motivate you to start Yoga.

Are you afraid of getting better and taking charge of your life? Then stay with this thought, dig a little deeper to know why?

I will look horrible in Yoga Clothes. I do not know how fashion got confused into yoga, but it has!

Wear what you are comfortable in! Tights, sweats, t-shirts, sweat shirts.  We believe once you feel better, you will look awesome regardless of what you wear!  We are in the business of making you feel great from the inside out.  What you wear is only your business.

I do not have time to do Yoga, I am too busy This is how we all feel until we do Yoga. Yoga slows down the mind, gives more clarity and focus, so you can accomplish more but remain present and at peace.  The feeling of lack of time is a state of mind; Yoga will fix that so you will experience an abundance of time and richness in your life.

I have no reason! I just don’t think I am a Yoga person! That is because you haven’t tried Yoga with us. Come check us out!