Meena's Musings

Why Group Coaching


One of the very powerful moment that created a big shift for our Meditation retreat attendees was witnessing each other being coached to find resolution for their questions.
That really reaffirmed my belief as to the significance and importance of group support to our transformations and it’s what we are lacking in our lives. Isolated in our own lives, we struggle silently and keep our conflicts buried deep inside. There is so much shame, guilt and judgment in owning our struggles so we pretend all is well to maintain status quo. This costs us hugely in our lives. We can change this. Here is the way:
What if we can discuss and resolve our challenges in a group setting with a small investment in time and resources and walk away feeling held, heard, motivated and with one thing that we can begin to implement?
We may feel isolated, but our struggles are quite common. Our stories may be different but our experiences are shared. I yet have to find a person who hasn’t suffered and equally I yet have to find a person who does not want to be free of suffering.
In the shared stories, experiences and challenges, we find the inspiration as we witness each other tap into the possibilities and shift