Meena's Musings

You can heal from anything and overcome the blocks that show up in the process!


Healing is about a deeper connection with our truth and who we are at the very corn of our existence.  It is the subtlest yet the most powerful part of our being that holds the power to heal.  Healing is not just about physical health, it is a harmonious existence of our inner and outer world.  In the medical world, we think of health as a mere absence of symptoms or any diagnosable illness.  How many of us have no known symptoms yet we just don’t feel well.  Nothing is wrong yet something is.   That something is our disconnect from our Truth.   Our physical symptoms, our mental/emotional turmoil is simply a result of that disconnect.   That is when the  disease shows up physically but that is not where it came from.

Healing is about going to that  root cause of illness  and creating  shifts there.  When we change that one thing in that deeper place, changes begin to cascade into every area of our life.  Even the smallest shift will have a profound effect just like a little stir at the bottom of the ocean can create tidal waves.

Healing is built in and healing is what our human journey on this planet is about.  Many of us are compelled to go deeper when struck with a terminal illness, tragedy or just life’s challenges.  This innate healing is your truth, your wholeness that is trying to find you.   Spirituality is about connecting with your spirit as it knows the truth and healing is the experience of that connection.

In the world of fixing, improving and navigating the web of societal conditioning, Spiritual Healing is a breath of fresh air awakening us to the knowing that we are whole at the perfect place and time in our lives.  It is in this place that the process becomes that of Self-discovery than of Self-Improvement.

In our human life, most of us struggle with a myriad of fears, disorders, illnesses and conflicts resulting from our subtle and subconscious belief system that attracts this struggle to us like a magnet.  Before we realize, this way of living becomes a norm for most.  This creates a separation or a gap between our Truth and the state of our life resulting in an internal turmoil.  This turmoil is a little messenger for transformation, if we pay attention and choose it to be.

What if you realized that you are already whole and the only thing to do is connect with that.  How would that shift your perspective, most importantly your health?
You can heal from anything and overcome any obstacles that show up in the process.
We can always take a pill!  And at times, it may be necessary for a short term so we can think straight.  But if we really want to heal at every level of your existence, then we must dig deeper.