Meena's Musings

A Shift in Perspective


Feeling rather annoyed and perplexed at another snow fall this morning, I stepped out of the house for a meeting.  Am I supposed to shoved again?  I am not shoveling!  it better melt soon.

As I drove, I could not help but smile and be in awe of how beautiful and ethereal everything looked.  The awe inspiring wonder of nature touched me deep in my heart and I felt a celebratory peace and joy!

Coming back from Sedona, my perspective has shifted yet again and a renewed connection with the infinite that I am a part of is hanging out in my awareness more and more.

Coincidentally, I continue to find that everything is lining up to keep me in that awareness.  What has happened?  Has my perspective expanded?   The view is much larger and clearer and in that bigger view, what seemingly was important isn’t, what seemingly was an obstacle it isn’t.

Whereas in the middle of our struggles and conflicts, we ask “Why Me?”  ; to experience my own vastness and limitlessness, I ask “Why not me?”  Who am I not to experience my ultimate reality when so many before me have awakened to?

A shift in perspective for the sake of the bigger perspective not for the sake of yet another  limited viewpoint; but looking at the whole big picture where we are no longer stuck at my viewpoint or your viewpoint but who are we really and if we could connect with that reality, there is something larger than our limited viewpoints and can we pay attention to that?  The bigger, the long term, the sustainable reality!

Am I truly the vastness of the Universe or is it a mere concept?  The answer to that no one knows and is mostly irrelevant.  But when your answer is Yes, what does that make you?  How do you feel?

Expansive!  Better!  More like yourself!  Problems seem insignificant or irrelevant!  Now you have your answer!

Look down to stay humble and look up to stay inspired!

In this subtle shift, you can change the world!  Go ahead and give it a try!

As for me, it feels like the first time I am seeing snow bathing in the sun, shining brightly and softly!

And I didn’t have to shovel my driveway after all!