Meena's Musings

Anger: The Most Useful Emotion


What?  How can you say that?  The world right now is swirling in anger. We don’t need more of it.

It isn’t fun or easy to feel anger; it is much easier to suppress it, rationalize it, put a nice little bow on it and just focus on the good stuff.  ( Sometimes it is necessary to do just that in order to do life)  We fear that we may get stuck in it and not know how to come out of it. And we do get stuck in it if we don’t know how to shift it. We have all experienced being stuck in anger and may know many who remain stuck in it their whole life.

We rather go straight to love and peace.

But there it is, showing up again and again!  It will continue to recycle no matter how much we shift our focus away from it.

What do we do with it?

We actively feel it. We feel it as deeply as we can and open our heart to it.  We expand our heart around it and envelope it in love.  In feeling it as deeply as we can, we soften the intensity of it, we free it and see what’s beneath the anger. .

Beneath anger is pain, all kinds of pain.  We open our heart to the pain so it can also transform. Beneath pain is desire for love. Beneath that desire for love is the ONE who is desiring it. That ONE is your higher self; your soul seeking to find itself. We connect with that part of ourselves. We open our heart to our own darkness and bring it to love.  In love, anger turns to pain, in love pain connects us to our deeply held desires and the ONE who is desiring.

This is how anger mobilizes all the other emotions that are hidden under it.  Without this understanding and actively feeling the anger, all we do is recycle it again and again.

Just focusing on the peace and all the good in our lives isn’t wrong; however, it does not give us a full spectrum experience of ourselves.  Our darkness and fear is a part of love and it must be accepted, acknowledged as such so it too can find freedom in love.

All emotions are energy; in fact, our entire life is energy.  When we resist the painful and dark emotions, the energy gets stuck deep in our psyche only to bubble up again and again in different forms.  This energy, can find freedom in the acceptance of it, feeling it and then merging it in love.

Darkness is part of light, fear is part of love!  Darkness is needing to be shown light and fear needs to be shown love.  This is how we become whole and come full circle.