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Love and Fear: Light and Darkness


Love and Fear: Light and Darkness

An internally driven life can be a tough road at times.  Where is the ” bliss” that we thought we were promised on this journey?  We never really know until we “know”.  I know it sounds like a bunch of codified words and they are indeed, as the definition or the meaning can only be given by the one who experiences it.   This path requires a different kind of  resilience.   How is this useful when fear and anxiety is an everyday experience for many of us.  What do we do with all the darkness and negativity that shows up vehemently again and again?

If we are “love and light” then why do we continuously experience fear and darkness?

Do we ignore it?  Pretend it away? Focus on all the positive we have in our lives?  Accept it?  Let go of it? Or eat chocolate?

I would eat chocolate and then proceed to the next step.

Instead of wanting what we want, how about if we ask what’s needed of us in the dark times?

Darkness is a part of light.  In trying to chase the darkness away, we forget that without it, light will lose it’s meaning.   Perhaps what’s needed is for the fear and darkness to be brought to love and light.  What’s asked of us is to transmute the fear and darkness and turn it into love and light.

How do we that?

There is no darkness “out there” without it being “in here”.  We must first realize that.  Before we spend so much of our energy on chasing the darkness that we think is outside,  we must realize that it is nothing more than what’s inside.  The world outside mirrors the world inside.  The “bad people and things” are a representation of our own demons and fears.   Our internal world creates a filter through which we see the outer world and most of the time it can create a veil in front of our eyes as we fail to “see”

The task on hand is to transmute our own darkness and fear into light and love.

Loving and complete acceptance of our own darkness can transmute our fears rather quickly.  This may happen in layers as you know the internal work is an unending step process; it happens in layers.  The good news is that it happens at the perfect time when we are in dire need of it and when we can handle it.

Let’s not buy into “the world is so bad right now”  that quickly.  Our skepticism can be highly valuable here.   We must question before blindly following this belief.  Our own darkness is showing up and it isn’t the end result.  It is in the process of being brought into love if we understand that and do the inner work.   Even if you think you have no fear, start going inward and fear will show up as it is as much a part of us as love.  Transmuting our own fear at every step will go far in changing the world ‘out there”.

This is the call of these times.  Might we listen?