Meena's Musings

Power of Transformation


Life provides an opportunity for endless transformations.  As long as we are in the body, we are not immune to anger, pain and disappointment. The problem isn’t with the emotions; it is in the inability to transform them.

Teachers and lessons are everywhere all the time, if we choose to learn.

Where there is pain – there is a need for self-love and to reconnect to Divine love.

Where there is betrayal – there is a deeper need and commitment to our purpose in the world.

Where there is anger – there is a need for compassion and understanding and to cultivate more wisdom and intelligence.

Where there is ignorance – there is a need for better education, a need to speak up and to lead.

When there is self-absorbance and selfishness – there is a need for selfless acts of kindness.

Emotions (energy in motion) seek to flow and to be expressed.   They arise for self-examination and self-purification; they are not meant to burn others.

Guilt, shame, blame are constructs of the mind to make us feel we “fit in” so we can be  spared the criticisms and judgments.  Choose them if you are looking to fit in – otherwise look deeper!

The fire element in the third chakra helps us transform our emotions if that is what we choose.  It is the same fire in our physical body that transforms food into energy.  Too much fire can burn and too little may not provide enough momentum for the shift.  The “just right” amount can transform our emotions into devotion, intelligence and wisdom.   It has the power to transform our anger into passion, our fear into love and our anxiety into creativity.

This is the power of transformation! This is the power of Ayurvedic Medicine!