Meena's Musings

Reflections and Mirrors!


2 very dear clients always end their emails to me with fun meaningful words and I started to reply back to them with words that may be meaningful for them. A single word can take us beyond it into a single year or a lifetime. Two words that come to mind today are:

Reflections and Mirrors!

I feel this yearning to reflect today on 2018 and the culmination of the years before. When we go deep into a word, it’s like watching a movie that you can’t peel your “eyes” off of. Everything that is our “life” is a mirror of all that we need healing; our life simply outpictures ( new word I learned from one of my teachers) or mirrors that. We chase that what’s reflected back to us forgetting the source of reflection – that’s where the mirror comes in handy, it can take us to the source if we can “see”.

One of the reasons that “stuff” is hidden because it is beyond this lifetime. We are created in a way to forget the prior lives, we don’t need to remember them, but it is enough to know that this lifetime is only outpicturing the energies from prior lifetimes that need healing. .

Let the reflecting and looking into the mirror reveal all that we need to heal. Healing happens the moment we realize and it can only take a “moment”. When we can “see” deeply, healing can be quick but we may need to sit with it for a while!

May we all spend a few moments of the last day of 2018 doing just that! Happy 2019!


Here is a my picture with my precious son. my reflection and mirror!  We seldom need to go far to “see”