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5 keys to Uncover the Healing Process


One of the questions I ask all my clients at some point during the consultation is why do you think you are having the health issues that you are having.  This makes them think beyond the symptoms and the connection of the symptoms to their life story begins to emerge;  not only that they begin to see how the same story is playing in other areas of their life – in their work or in their relationships and their habits.  Simply the willingness to look beyond the physical symptoms raises the level of the their awareness and they begin to see a bigger picture than they had before.  That in itself is empowering and begins the healing process at the level of their awareness.    More times than not, the disease or the symptoms tells a story of our life, especially the one that is unresolved.

The only way to resolve or to heal the story is to go into the experience of it, details are relevant to a point, but it is the experience that continuously repeats in other areas of our life and in our illness.   What the real experience is at the cellular level, deeper than even what we realize.  The only way to heal that experience is to shift our perspective or our understanding of it.  And how we shift our perspective is by again asking the bigger Why? What is the experience there to teach you?  What ‘s the lesson?    This is where we do the work, dig a little deeper  and learn or heal what we need to heal.  Our beliefs change, our habits line up and the body begins to heal.   When we realize that we have the power to change our story, we begin to heal.   

This work isn’t easy, it requires a certain kind of stamina, but it is definitely easier than living with an illness.  You may experience resistance in all kind of different ways.  Rationalization or make believe or pretending that all is okay when it isn’t.  Fear shows up in all kinds of distorted ways.  This is where you need the expert guidance to help you through it.  This is an organic process and we don’t will or force it, rather allow it to take place and staying present to it.

These are the ancient teachings and wisdom.  We can heal from anything if we use it for that purpose and with that intention.  Healing requires that we are willing to take a deep dive within and can stay the course.  Healing is chosen where illness happens by default.

You can heal from anything and overcome the blocks that show up in the process.  I believe that!  In order for you to heal, you must believe that.   We have the power to heal ourselves.  As much as this is empowering, it can also be frightening.  How to overcome the fear and the resistance that show up in the process…stay tuned!


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