Meena's Musings

Where Are You? Finding Yourself Through This Shift


Back in March, I blew off the notion of the pandemic and was baffled by the toilet paper saga and sorts and thought that after 14 days of quarantine, we will return back to “business as usual”.
Today, some four and a half months later, I am realizing like many of us that Covid was just the screen saver. All that was ready to be unveiled and revealed is what we are experiencing in this NOW moment and it is happening rather quickly.
Personally, that’s what’s happening for me. Everything is rising to my awareness for a deeper and more expansive look, This is fascinating, interesting but not easy. I feel more expanded, fuller, resolved and stronger inside after I go through the process of feeling unsettled, heavy-hearted, angry and somewhat lost.
This is the process I wish I could skip over and just get to the good part, but I have chosen to go through this and to be here during this time. All of us have!
We must feel it to heal it!
We must feel it; every tiny little thing where we didn’t stand for ourselves, where we didn’t listen to our heart, where we abandoned ourselves, where we lived from a place of fear and ego. Everything we pushed under the rug. EVERYTHING! There is lightness, deeper insight and knowing, greater awareness on the other side of it. This is how we are shifting.
This shift is quick, I can tell you that. One day I am feeling uplifted and then the next day not so much.
How do I find my place here? What do I do? How do I go on?
How did I get here? What beliefs was I holding about myself that mirrored in my past struggles? Where do I want to go? What beliefs do I need to upgrade to get there.
These are the questions to ask ourselves. This is how to cultivate moment to moment awareness and knowing that at any moment, we have a choice. This is where we can find our freedom; freedom to choose. This is what it means to consciously co-create. We do this by embodying our upgraded beliefs and clear intentions but we do let go of how it will manifest. Time and process isn’t in our hands.
So this is the process we are in, my friends. This is what I am resonating with – the shift to 5th Dimension. I listen to Laurie Ladd, Lee Harris and am taking a course in Feminine Alchemy.
I feel I need more and more quiet and reflection time to make sense of it all and to integrate it in my being.
I truly feel that this is the time for all of us to reassess our lives, relationships, work and choose what to take forward, what to let go of,
We are truly moving from Ego to Love, head to heart. And it is not a linear process.
This is how we find ourselves through this. That’s the point of my upcoming course, “Igniting Change – Finding Your Fire”. I would love to guide you through this very challenging time in finding your purpose, your path and that which lights up your fire. Click below to register
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