Meena's Musings

What’s Hiding Behind Our Wounds?


Ever wonder what’s hiding behind the old wounds? Who is hiding? Why do we carry the old grudges and old pain?

What’s hiding is our desire to be more and to experience more, In the deep folds of our hearts lie the innocence of our desires and the fear of being vulnerable traps us in the same old stories.

None of us are insignificant and we all are here to do something “big” Because we are living in a polarity world, the fear and doubts also become big and mistakenly and conveniently we buy into them. Not knowing and seeing the other side, all we see is fear and we get drowned in it. It’s all logical, there is a good reason and so forth. Of course, there is always a logical reason for what we don’t want to do and we create that reason to reinforce our fear. And so it goes….

What if we actually can? What if we are actually more capable than we thought? Our past has nothing to do with our future but conditioned by the past we keep on predicting our future. Past is a lesson or two, gives us insight on who we are and our future is that which is not yet seen. When we project the future based on the past, we sell ourselves short.

What we don’t know is much more than what we know. Why not step into the possible owning our dreams, capabilities and our yearnings? You know the saying, ” be careful what you wish for, you may just get it”

So stop hiding, judging and shaming yourself for having challenges and needing support. The world needs you to be “big”, it needs to see you. Want a healthy world? Begin with you! Step into your truth, yourself. Come forward, be a part of our healing community and what you discover might just change your life.

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